Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finishing touch...

I´ve finally got a result which I´m satified with. But the stairs aren´t attaced yet, I may change the color a bit. I´ve glued on the flooring paper and skirting boards. I still need some finishing details like a new hatstand, a coat, some shoes, an umbrella, a leather suitcase, some tiny letters, keys and other necessities for the tray, pictures, doorhandles, lightning ... and... and.... and...


  1. Nice structure, ánd color. At least that's one thing tackeled. But like you said, you'll never be finished ;-))

  2. ..Love the color on the walls..and your new filigran-thing on the floor!

  3. Love the dark grey colour, and the texture, of the walls. Also really like the grame and the urn on the dresser.