Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Painted floortiles...

I´ve been painting floortiles on wallpaper. Though I´m satified with the color which is greenish/beige with a with wash, I´m unsure about the look. It looks painted and not like single tiles put together. I havn´t decided what to do with the walls and stairs may be repainted. Please tell med what you think...


  1. Hi..I´ve tried it once too in a bathroom I made. It´s very difficult to make the lines so sharp and precise that makes it look not-painted. I think you have to decide wether you want a painted look or nok.. the alternative is a print that you patinate..

  2. Hi, it looks pretty, but it is too much effort to paint every tile individually. A little while ago, Josje from A Beautiful Life made kitchen tiles by staining/painting paper, cutting them out and then sticking them again. This was on the wall of an 'old' kitchen, but i think this may give you the look you want, without the struggle. Whatever you decide, good luck! Your furniture looks very pretty with the floor.