Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some housework...

I´ve been making tiles for the floor in the diningroom. Cut out of painted paper for water coloring and glued on to wallpaper... It´s not finished yet as you can see, but I´ve put it in the room with some of the furnitures to get a sense of the result. Am I satisfied? Hmm...don´t now yet.

Then I´ve patinatede the frontdor and a few windows. I like the look of it, so now I just have to do all windows on the the front. Still need some facadepainting too...´
Promised Susanne a picture of the inside of the house. As you can see it´s a clutter, but I´ve put some things in every room to see if that´s the way it´s going to be placed one day.

Bottom floor: Kitchen, hall and maybe an erotic/lingeri store
First floor: Diningroom and salon/lounge
Second floor: Bedroom and a luxurious bathroom
Third floor: The alchemy room where the lovepotin and massage oils are made, a sewing room where corset and other lingeri items are sewn and then a study/library.


  1. Very nice work, Annie, I like the tiles much, great shades, and I think it´s a good technique. Your room-plan is also good, it gives a fine coherence in the house. Is there a special period in history, that is common for the rooms also, or do you mix?

  2. Thank you Susanne :o) I can send you more pics of the floor if needed.

    The timeperiod is today, but the invisible (no dolls in this house)couple that lives in Obsidian Hall are collecters of all things of fading beauty and dekadent decade... One day I´ll tell the story about their love and their desires ;o)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the tiles in place. I like the idea of placing the house in the present, that way you can put in ANYTHING you want, totally modern things if youwant as well as antique and that allows for much imagination. I think their story is going to be very intriguing...