Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Found this link with fantastic free wallpapers. This pattern I love! What kind of paper and glue do you recommend to avoid wrinkles?


  1. I just checked that site out - what a fabulous collection, thanks for posting!

    A note to about printing your own wallpapers, you can buy packs of acidfree papers which I highly recommend - alternatively you could use a matte photo paper - or a glossy one if you are printing tiles for the floor which can be - photo paper has the big advantage of being a bit more robust to work with too(my printer also uses archival quality inks). The printed sheets should always be sprayed with a sealer such as "Preserve It" by Krylon, matte for wallpaper and any other surfaces you don't want a shine on or gloss for tiles or woodgrains you want to have a polished effect. (If you go to my blog and compare the kitchen floor, printed on matte paper and sprayed with a matte sealer, and the adult bedroom on the top floor, printed on gloss photo paper and sprayed (generously) with gloss spray, you can see the difference clearly.)

    Also it's best not to stick the papers directly to the walls but to a cardboard lining (also acidfree), and use an acidfree spray-on adhesive, or 'real world' wallpaper paste. The advantage of wallpaper paste is that it doesn't stick so quickly so you can move your paper around a little if necessary. With the adhesive spray you need to get it pretty much in exactly the right place first time altho if you are quick you can peel it all back off and start again. Note also that the manufacturers recommend that you spray BOTH surfaces for permanent fixing. (Personally I always use spray adhesive just because I can't be bothered with mixing little amounts of paste, and I'm impatient and hate to wait until things dry.)

  2. I've been thinking this morning about sources for graphics for printing fabric and remembered this post of yours with the wallpaper link, no reason they can't be multi-purpose :)

  3. I just discovered this blog has a link to the wonders Picassa album which has very interesting wallpaper and other amazing images, take a look!