Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1:1 life...

My 1:1 life and obsessions has kept me away for a while from both blogging and making miniature. An awful cold swept me of my feet and kept me at home today. Though being hot and feverish it gave me an opportunity to make some paperwork. Cutting and glueing doesn´t take a lot of strength... Some skullpictures and quijaboards for the diningroom, tin signs and a box full of erotic photos for the sensual shop.


  1. Hey, Annie, it´s great! ..Not that you are not well, but to se the things, you have been making. The signs, the box, the boards, the postcards and the detail with the hat, I love it all!

  2. I do hope you feel better soon!

    You have some wonderful mini's...I love your little aged silver pots and candle stick on the side table, and your fab shoe-box with your photo's in too! Did you make that? ;o)
    Michelle :o)

  3. A toast to a quick recovery!!!
    As much as I like pink, cute and romantic stuff I have a dark side: I love your style. Great feverish job!!

  4. Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good - hope you improve soon. Lots of interesting minis there - the ouiji boards are great, the box of postcards made me smile and the skull with the top hat is brilliant.

  5. Thanks for your warm concern and comments. I had one more day at home, but feeling alot better now.

    Susanne... The hat was just a gimmick bot I think I´ll let him keep it ;0)

    Michelle...Yes I made the shoebox and photos. The photos I´ve found on google images, just copied and minimized. The showbox is from Jims printables...

    Synnøve... A toast was what it took. I sippede some redwine last night and felt better this morning ;o) I greet your darker side, as I admit to have a shabby white side too ;0)

    Irene...An inkjet printer and google images is great tools for miniature :0) The postcards are just another collectors obsession of the couple living in Obsidian Hall obsession ;0)

  6. Hope you feel better soon :)
    Love the box with all the b/w pictures. And the skull with the hat too!

  7. What a great skull, he is just perfect. SMILE.
    And the photos. More hidden treasures.....

  8. Kassandra... thanks. I´m glad your following my blog :0)

    Reiko... I LOVE the skull, one of the most precious things in my collection. I got it as a gift from Susanne from Miniature Dreams...Hopefully Obsidian Hall one day when my work has progressed, will conseal more hidden treasures ;0)