Friday, February 5, 2010

Master bedroom #2

I´ve been browsing for wallpapers for a couple of days. I wanted something "sexy" for the Master bedroom, but everytime it came out too dark, and the furnitures kind of disappeared against the walls. I printed out this paper yesterday. I like the medieval pattern, which goes with the inhabitants sense of "grandiosity" ;0) But it´s very pale and somehow the sexy warm feeling fades... If I decide to go with this wallpaper, I have to spice up the atmosphere with cussions and carpets in warm colours. The floor is going to be old wooden valnut floor with a lot of varnish.

I would love to hear your oppinion on the wallpaper, or if you have any suggestions for another color or pattern. Maybe you know a secret source off free wallpapers that I still haven´t found...


  1. The pattern is very good, but I agree that the background is a little too white. Maybe you could patinate it a little bit with tea like Synnoeve did on her walls? It maybe could give it a more yellow-brownish tone?

  2. I´ve been thinking about tea or maybe a thin warm green wash... The more I look at the photos I´m sure that i´t´s not gonna stay beige. Sometimes it helps looking at things through the camera lense :0)

  3. Hey! I LOVE that wallpaper, just as it is; in fact, could you please put a link to the source? Pretty please?

    I have a link for wallpapers (and some other stuff too), there you go:

  4. Annie,

    You could use coffee and tea has a better colour than just tea, which can go a bit tan/range. Or you can make a mix with acrylic could go for a warm old-ish cream...but looking as though it's been up too many years (especially around the skirting board and doorway).

    Great room though!
    Michelle :o)

  5. I like the pattern, it fits in very well with your theme but feel, like Suzanne, it's a bit "sudden" against all the other items in the room which are really atmospheric. Pity the paper doesn't come in another colourway. Sorry I can't help with an alternative source though.

  6. An alternative source can be wrapping paper. there are so many exiting patterns and great colors. Being able to scan the paper and perhaps scale it down a bit is of course sometimes necessary.
    I think the effect you are looking for is to find in a more baroque, darker wallpaper. Maybe with some gold/velvety pattern?
    Good luck!

  7. I'm a bit late coming into this conversation but I've been looking again at the wallpaper collection at that you gave us the link for previously. There are a few patterns there that may suit this room while also not being too dark - 18,20,49,75. Anyway, perhaps you've already solved your 'problem' :)