Thursday, March 25, 2010

I really need...

Spring coming closer reminds me of a desperate need in my miniature life. I need to get a conservatory....badly! I´ve previously had a deep desire for the Sid Cooke conservatory kit that Michelle is making, but yesterday I found a german website with beautiful decadent metal and glass conservatories, and the fact that it´s not a DIY kit is very tempting... Unfortunately they don´t reveal their prices on the page, and I guess it might be because it´s veeeeeery expensive...


  1. Oh dear, indeed it might be a case of "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it' ;)

  2. @Norma...I´m afraid that´s the reason. And sadly I have to ask for the price...

  3. It is a wonderful conservatory, and I can see why you love it!
    But you are so clever; I am sure you could either make your own, or by a more reasonable priced one and transform it into something similar?
    Good luck anyway ;-)
    Synnøve :)

  4. Annie, I have such a conservatory that a friend made for me. He made stained glass windows and I asked if he could do something 3 dimensional. I just love it! I will try to get some pictures on my blog next week.

    In the meantime, check out She still has her website but I have heard that she is no longer actively in business...but she did list her prices which where around $2100 for a piece the size as the one you pictured.


  5. Even before I read your comments I knew it would be a very expensive piece. So, yes, if you have to email to ask the price it will be expensive! :o(

    My conservatory/orangery, I have turned it into a greenhouse, so I shouldn’t be calling it a conservatory at all! Lol

    Unless peeps have unlimited funds, most miniaturists and collectors have to compromise. :o( If I see a cheaper one and/or another artisan that sells them cheaper, I will let you know Annie.

    Michelle xxx

  6. Hi Annie!
    I am afraid of that too, but I managed to have to courage to ask for the prices on their garden furniture, I still don´t know if I have the courage to open the Email when I get it, though ;-)
    Right now there are a lot of windows-greenhouses for pre-cultivating, thats a possibility too, I also saw people who used lanterns in proper sizes...

  7. I do not know what the price of the conservatory is. I can tell that 1 french patio chair cost 48 euros. The chairs with armrests,98 euro. But they are really beautiful.
    Greetings, Roelie

  8. PYHH, now I don´t have to open my Email..98 euro are a lot of money, I have to work out how I make the chairs myself ;-) Annie, that will be our next common workshop, I guess!

  9. Thanks for comments all of you :0)

    @Synnøve...It IS wonderful, and as long as I don´t know the price, I´ll continue dreaming. But I´m looking for alternatives.

    @Tabitha...You´re so lucky, I can´t wait to see your pictures :0) I´ll check out Lady Jane, but $2100... wow!!! that´s a lot of money and way out of my reach...

    @Michelle... I wrote a mail this morning asking for a pricelist. I love your GREENHOUSE, and that´s absolutely a great alternative. Love the gothic windows...

    @Susanne... We are both shiwering when waiting for Email with prices... How an exciting life we are living ;0) I already have such a pre-cultivating greenhouse, but it´s to simple for miniature... I want I want I want!!!! Checked my mail, but no answer yet...let´s make a chair/conservatory workshop!

    @Roelie... A miniature garden chair is more expensive than a 1:1 chair... Now I´m really scared to get price for the conservatory...

  10. It's certainly a lovely thing and I too have seen the Ladyjane conservatories! I did one some time ago using a decorative bird cage (not one you'd put a bird in!). I have some pics if you'd be interested. Irene

  11. Beautiful and I bet they are really pricey. I wish I had enough money to blow on things like this though :-)

    Thanks for the was worth it just to drool over them :-)

  12. Thanks for the link! Those certainly are lovely conservatories.