Sunday, March 14, 2010

Opdate on wallpaper...

As you know, I´ve had some serious difficulties finding a wallpaper that would suit the Master Bedroom. I´ve tried this... but found it to pale and boring
Then I tried to paint the wall a deep plum color, but when I made the flooring, I hated the look. Yesterday I went shopping and found this scrapbooking paper, very cheap and I love the fainted tones. Unfortunately the picture doesn´t show the true color. It´s thick almost like cardboard and very easy to work with. Scrapbook paper comes in lots of different types and colors and are often two sided, so remember to take a look on the backside when you go to your local paper pusher... I´m now wating for the mail to arrive with a new dresser, some bedtables and some other small stuff for the room...
And then an update on the comments from my previous post about wallpaper. Thanks to all of you for given your opinion and comments. @Kassandra: You asked for the link to the paper. You can find that and many more at: A great site with lots of free wallpapers. @Norma: Funny thing is that the paper I used previously is number 75 as you recommended.


  1. The wallpaper looks superb now:)

  2. I just love the floor, can´t wait to use the materials you sent me, but I have to decide which house, I want to buy, the selection on the danish mini-sites are were limited, I think..

  3. Glad you've solved your problem! It looks to be a great choice even tho you say the photo doesn't really go it justice. Scrapbook paper is definately a good source for wallpaper (and flooring sometimes), as you say it's usually quite strong and it's acid free which is a big plus. Another good paper source is shops that sell bookbinding supplies, there are some wonderful sheets produced for use as 'end papers'.

    Looking forward to the next update!

  4. Scrapbook paper is great, and this one looks real nice!!!
    Synnøve :)

  5. Scrapbook items are simply great for minis! The paper looks great and I love how you have done the floor too! Can't wait to see your new mini's once they arrive too. :o)

    Michelle xx

  6. @Old Maid... thanks :0)

    @Susanne...Go for small! I feel exhausted to decorate a whole house in same style. 4 floors are overwhelming ;0)

    Norma... Thanks for the bookbinding tips... I don´t think I have a bookbinding supplier near me, but I´ll remember to look for it...

    Synnøve... thanks and yeps!

    Michelle... I´ll make better pictures of the floor, when I recieve the new furnitures and get some more decorating done.