Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is coming...

Though it´s raining outside my windows today, I can feel that spring has arrived to tiny Denmark. My birds houses in the garden is being inspected by new residents and early spring flowers are coloring the soil beneath the threes.
Today I´ve made cardboard birds houses and some "zink" garden items. The flowers I made when Susanne and I was having a mini-making-come-together a few days ago, and the rusty chair of course is left over material from that same day :0)


  1. Dear Annie, now at my house a beautiful sun shines: it may be that the wind took him to Denmark ... I admire a lot, I like your work and your blog. You are very good and I hope to learn from you. The houses for the birds are delicate and poetic in their simplicity.
    A big hug

  2. Annie, the ´zink´ garden items are lovely. How do you make them? I do love the flowers and the birdhouses too. It looks great ;-)

  3. Annie, the birdhouses and the zinc things are lovely, and as you know I love this special kind of flowers ;-), but your kinds of leaves makes them even better.I am so glad that I was able to help you with the chair materials too
    Maybe you could make a tutorial for the birdhouses?
    Love, Susanne

  4. Flora.. Thank you for your nice words, I´ll look forward for the sun to find it´s way to Denmark :0) Have w nice easter!

    Lara...Thanks to you too :0) I cut the parts out of thin cardboard, glue and then paint with a grey acrylic paint. Then a silver coat and then patinate with a dry brush a thin watery solution of blackish brown.... The pattern for the pitcher I found on a blog (unfortunately I don´t remember who´s)...

  5. Susanne... Thanks :0) I gave one chair for my mum, so I´ll soon be an desperate need for more material ;0) The bird houses are cut out of 1 mm cardboard, different sizes, glued, painted and patinated. I havn´t made a pattern to save, but I´ll try to make one for you and send it by mail if you want.

  6. Beautiful springy items! Love these of "zink"! Pink flowers and bird houes-great!

  7. I love how you refer to the little chair as "leftover material"! Suzanne told us - lol

  8. Hi Annie - I'm really enjoying your blog! Your photos here have a real tentative 'spring' light in them - I love it. It's autumn where I am, and quite a different feel. Your minis are perfect, too!

    Obsidian Hall is definitely on my favourites list!


  9. The old maid... thanks for the comment :0)

    Irene... *lol* Planning on how to get more left over material ;0)

    Glenda... Thank you, your comment makes me very happy :0) Autumn is beautiful too, but I have to admit that I really need spring and summer to come after a very long, dark and cold winter...

  10. Love the 'zinc' finish Annie, you've got the colour balance just right.

    And what a lot of bird houses, you must be expecting a 'prolific' spring ;)

    The flowers are so pretty too!

  11. really great, I like everything you make!! lovely birth houses and the little plant is very sweet!

  12. What beautiful little spring time treasures! I love them and how lucky you are to have a friend to 'mini' with! I do this all alone here except for my 10 year old, Joanna!


  13. Hi Annie,
    I love all your zinc items and thanks for sharing your technique, I'm going to try some today. I'm glad spring is coming to you, in the southern hemisphere we are into autumn, a relief from the very humid and hot summer actually.
    Mini hugs,

  14. I must ask....do have have any of these charming little bird houses for sale...I can see them working so well in my next project!!