Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is my first attempt at making birdbaths for my miniature garden projects... And I´m actually pretty satisfied and now I´m thinking of making a hole range of different sizes, shapes and colors.

This miniature garden is made in a rusty well ring that was to be thrown away, when we had some work done at our sewer last year. Don´t ever throw out stuff (not even the bigger ones) they might come in handy for miniature one day ;0) I have to visit the garden center to look for dwarf trees and plants for this garden. And my mum to get some dwarf ferns...


  1. Wow! IT is looking good! You're so true about not throwing stuff away. Only the place to put that stuff away is needed ;)

  2. the funny thing is, I always have to look twice at your items to find out if it ´s 1:1 or 1:12.

    Very nice, I like the Iron sitting corner as well.

    If you want to simulate water try clear glue... (I bet of course you know, sorry, just an idea)

  3. Love the small birds-baths-leaves (need an english word). I´ll be looking for small trees for you in my summerhouse surroundings this weekend, and maybe making some plans for a miniaturegarden too;-)
    Have a nice extralong weekend, Love, Susanne

  4. It looks wonderful and the birdbaths are fabulous :)

    It would be fun to try sometime a minigarden, but I'm so hopeless in watering that I should do it straight to the ground :)

  5. I LOVE this project, Annie, with all my heart. When I first moved into the house my husband and I live in now, and was starting my first garden, I really wanted to put in a cat-scale garden, specially designed for them. Seeing your tiny garden brings that back to me :)

    It's beautiful, and I think you have every reason to be pleased with your birdbaths!

  6. The Old Maid... Problem is that all the spareroom I have for keeping and shoving away is already filled with stuff ^^

    Bea... Welcome to you and thanks :0) I didn´t know the glue trick. Can it be used for outdoor purpuses?

    Susanne... Of course you´ll have to have a miniature garden too. I´ll sponsor the birdbath :0) Have a nice weekend. Hope to visit my mum and get the corsets...

    Merry jingle... Me too, I´m not the stabil watering type, I keep my miniature garden in the shadow.

    Nina...A catsized garden! What a fantastic idea... Would love to see that.

  7. I love those leaves...everything looks wonderful. I love your rusty garden.
    And looks great together with the real size pots!!

  8. That is so sweet. A reminder outdoors of the miniaturist who lives indoor. :-)

  9. Kære Annie, jeg er simpelthen så overvældet af dette univers af smukke miniature ting - en helt ny verden for mig. Selvfølgelig kendte jeg dukkehuse som barn og dengang et magisk univers af eventyr og fortællinger - men som voksen, har jeg ikke kendt til det.
    Jeg vil høre - må jeg lave et indlæg på min blog om din side? Måske låne et billede herfra - selvfølgelig skriver jeg, det er dit billede :O)
    Jeg synes det her univers er fantastisk't! Det er meget, meget smukt!

    Kærligst Lotte (Lotte Langsom ;O) )

  10. Annie, watching the extraordinary garden created in a sewer pipe, in my mind the beautiful lines of a sensitive Italian singer who say:
    "From diamonds nothing comes, from manure born flowers"...

  11. I´m thankful for your comments ;0)

    Flora... *lol* Never heard those words before, but I´ll remember them for life. Wonder how much "gold" has floded through that sewer ring ;0)

    Kære kære Lotte Langsom og frodig. Hvor er det dejligt at vide at du er derude :0) og tusind mange tak for ordene. Du må selvfølgelig mægtig gerne lave et indlæg og bruge mine billeder... Jeg havde næsten glemt at der er et andet blogunivers end det jeg bevæger mig i nu. Jeg tror da, jeg må ud af miniatureverdenen et smut og hilse på og kigge hvem der stadig er derude...

    Varme tanker Annie

  12. Una gran idea!!!
    Te ha quedado fantastico!!
    besitos ascension

  13. Your miniature garden is looking just wonderful. I love the bird baths.

  14. I really like your miniature garden. I'm also planning on doing another one, and I like the idea of a birdbath.

  15. I so enjoy these lovely pictures from your garden/mini projects.. my garden don't exist yet.. and it is too cold yet!!!
    I try never to throw things either!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:D
    Synnøve :)

  16. Annie, I thought I was looking at a 1:1 garden!!
    Lovely birdbaths - they'd grace every setting!


  17. You MADE those little birdbaths?? How did you do that Annie, I'm amazed - please tell details!

  18. Your garden looks so 1:1 your birdbaths are great, I'm inspired to make a mini garden too.

  19. I just love it. What a very good idea to have aminiature garden in a real size flower pot.

  20. Annie, this little garden is... amazing, I love it! I hope you will not have anything against, if I try to make my little version of pot-garden? I can not stop looking at yours:)))

  21. I would love to see how you all could be inspired to make your own miniature garden. Remember to look at the links in my previous post about miniature gardening :0)

  22. I just read your comment on my blog - I can't believe it! How exciting - how generous of you - a little birdbath will look wonderful in my Boutique Brocante!! It would have to go there for I doubt that I will ever have a mini garden - I am skilled not at growing but at killing plants and it seems more evil to do it to tiny ones ;)

  23. I love your little garden. The birdbaths are very cute.
    I have always liked to use miniatures together with full scale items. The fact that your using live plants makes it even more special. I see you've got some taxus seedlings in the other pot, I've just transplanted a few of those (I found them growing under my rose bushes) to a pot where they can get bigger until I find a good spot for them in my garden.