Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Corset making...

I bought some beautiful corsets a while ago for my sensual shop, and I love them! When my mum (who used to be a seemstress) saw them, she immidiately went home and made a few miniature corsets for herself. She loves the process of handstitching and enjoys the making of corsets in her comfy chair by the window. Now I´ve got quite a range of corsets and my mum already has a new "delivery" for Susanne and I, waiting for me to pick up.

I´m planning on creating a corset making loft in Obsidian Hall one day, and inspired by Nikkis Hat making table, I took some photos of a collection of the items going in that room...


  1. There's something essentially 'naughty' about a corset isn't there - why is that do you think???

    By the way, there is an award for you on my blog, please come over and pick it up :)

    It's up to you whether or not you chose to pass it on since I know you've had it already.

  2. That is a superb idea Annie! You're lucky to have so talented Mum!

  3. Annie, excellent as usual! Large effect on the workbench: your lingerie shop will have a great success :-)

  4. Lovely setting and cheecky corsets ;o) Have fun Rosanna

  5. Lovely display with so many nice details!!!!!
    I love your dark and sensual style ;-)
    Lucky you who have a mum that shares your passion!!
    Synøve :)

  6. Beautiful! I'm just glad that corsets aren't part of today's wardrobes. There is nothing comfortable about them.

  7. Lovely stuff you have there and you're a lucky girl to have a such mom :)

  8. I love how you've displayed the items - the corsets are just great.

  9. Your corsets are great and so nicely displayed. While they look really pretty, I'm glad we're not expected to wear them now, unless we want to of course.

  10. Hi, Annie
    LOVELY pictures of your little workspace. I can´t wait to see the corsets for "real".
    Love, Susanne

  11. Hi Annie, very nice pictures.
    I have got an award for you at my blog.

  12. Thanks to all of you for the nice comments :0)

    Norma...As a "naughty" girl I have to agree with you. Corsets are sassy, and I love to wear them ;0)
    And thanks for the award!

    Margaret... exactly ;0)

    Susanne... I`m also looking forward to see the next delivery :0)I´ll let you choose first...