Monday, April 19, 2010

Gypsy caravan inspiration...

Genevieve is making a gypsy caravan, she has chosen a very bright gypsy color range. Seeing Genevieves new painted caravan made me remembered an old magazine with interiors in the same range of colors. Genevieve...Hope you can find a bit of inspiration from the photos :0)


  1. Very inspiring photos, Annie, I´m sorry I never got to see the caravan/trainwaggon, you lived in years ago..
    Love, Susanne

  2. Love those colours and textures, perfect for a gypsy caravan. Would love to see Genevieve's?

  3. Thank you so much for your comment and the photos.. They are very inspiring. I have great fun with the gypsy caravan, I enjoy using bright colours for once.

  4. I love the color-combination, must be my gypsy blood.

  5. Susanne... The caravan I lived in years ago were swedish red outside and the interior more shabby than gypsy, but I loved it :0) I´m so inspired by these brightful colors now...

    Margaret... You can find Genevieves blog Miniaturecollection on my bloglist :0)

    Genevieve... So much looking forward to see the interior decoration progress. I totally caught by the color range now... All this gypsy-talk made me remember the movie "Gadjo Dilo", I would love to see it again!

    Maria...Even without a single drop of gypsyblood in my veins, I´m hooked on the colors ;0)