Thursday, April 15, 2010

Miniature gardening and an award...

I love gardening and have a very large one in 1:1 scale. As if one garden is not enough I wanted one more... in a smaller scale though. All plants are found in the big garden. I´ll have to buy some mini Thyme and other small scale plants to finish it. I´m absolutely certain that this won´t be the last garden inside the garden. Already found more planters to fill with miniature garden life...
I´ll share my miniature garden inspiration with you:
I´ve recieved an award, Thank you Lara... I´ll follow up later on giving it to 10 other bloggers.


  1. I love your mini garden! I have a fondness for garden miniatures also. I found a seller on Etsy that has wonderful mini garden items:

    I purchased a trellis from the seller and it looks so cute in a little pot of succulants!

  2. Wonderful minigarden Annie!!!!
    No wonder you were inspired; I wisited your links and the was the most fantastic!!!
    I have been staring at all the wonderful stuff with my jaw on my knees!!! WoW... I am inspired too!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing :)
    Synnøve x

  3. Wonderful garden :) I'm also planning to do some mini gardening, it might be more long lasting than my real garden, as my cute little dog just chewed my burgundy leaved appletree and half of a cherry tree... And the dogs dig holes all over and for some reason they have to walk through all my flower beds... So you can imagine how it is. I'm not yet given up, but might go for more thorny roses :D


  4. It's so great Annie. Looks like a really nice place for a glass of champagne on a summer's day :)

  5. it is wonderful...just perfect.

    Now I have a real garden I plan on finding a little spot for one of these as well.

    I could spend ages over at two green Thumbs site.

  6. Your living mini garden is great and thanks for the links, the shop prices are the lowest I have seen.

  7. ..Great garden, I´ll soon come by and visit it, bringing some champagne along too ;-)

  8. It's beautiful! Lovely idea and thank you for the wonderful links.

    groetjes evelien

  9. And, it appears that I am as equally inspired by you!

    I love all the eye candy you have here, Annie - I've just bookmarked it.

    Thank you for mentioning my website and especially for coming up on my radar!

  10. Janice of @twogreenthumbs Twittered your blog today. WOW... loving the little garden totally love the photography!
    Great to make the garden connection with you!

  11. Warm welcome to you Janice... I´m glad I can inspire you too :0) I became a miniature garden addict the first time I stumpled over TwoGreenThumbs...

    And welcome to you too Bren :0)... Your garden blog is beautiful! I do have a largescale garden too, but not a 1:1 garden blog...