Friday, April 23, 2010

New followers and a giveaway...

A warm welcome to the new followers of Obsidian Hall:

Carol - Starsgemini
Lene - Kikkassen
The Philosophic Toad - Love your name :0) Please tell me if you have a blog
Aru - Aruoc
Karin - Can´t see if you have a blog
Bren - who has a beautiful gardenblog, unfortunately only for invited guests :0(

So happy that I´m getting closer to the 100 followers. I have to think of a giveaway when I reach the magic number... Stay tuned!


  1. Took the name from the title of a poem by the Scottish poet, William Soutar. No, don't have a blog ... yet.

    I'm sure you'll hit the hundred mark soon! With a blog like yours, how could you not. ^_^

  2. Thanks Toad. And with a name like that, I´m sure your one-day-to-come blog will be very interesting. How could it not ;0)

  3. Hi Annie, I read your comment on another blog saying you were seeing a 'rooster' kitchen theme .... I am redecorating an old house of mine and its called "Home to Roost" .... its everything rooster, chicken, hen ..... a little bit crazy but loads of fun. Jackie :-)

  4. Oh Annie, that thrill the magic number! I am alert and meanwhile I wish you good night.

  5. P.S. I just finished reading your old posts and saw your house: how I imagined, is different and original. I really like. My mom thinks that the dollhouse is a waste of time, so this is a chance to have a mom who shares this passion as to give you one!
    Now I go to bed, I have a lot 'of sleep and tomorrow is another day.
    Re - good night

  6. What exciting, another one and you have 100 followers .....
    greetings Ingrid

  7. Jackie...How funny with the rooster/hen theme :0) I guess you are follower number 99, but unfortunately you don´t appear on my followers list. I can see that your profile isn´t public, I also can´t see if you have a blog then :0(

    Flora... I så lucky to have a mother who shares my interest. Hope you had a good nights sleep. I did :0) I´m up early because I´m going to a miniature fair with Susanne today...

    Ingrid... I´m exited too. Keep up for a giveaway post soon to come :0)

  8. Hi Annie, I dont have a blog, I'm a complete novice at this !! My son is designing his own web site right now so maybe he'll help me in future. I'm just discovering all the amazing blogs letting me see other people's fantastic creations. Jackie

  9. jackie...Making a blog in blogger is so easy. You can very easily choose and design your own template. You don´t have to know anything about making websites, HTML and resizing pictures... It´s so simple with blogger. I´m sure you can find videotutorials on how to do on Youtube :0) Go for it!