Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally I recieved the shop... It arrived yesterday and immidiately I had to unpack it and start planning the colour theme and deside which parts to paint. Gave it the first coat of paint, think it might need 3 coats to cover and then I´ll dirty it up.
I´m not sure whether I´ll keep the terasse at the top, I might build a shet, a greenery or maybe a loftroom...

Tried different colours and patterns for the interior flooring, but I like this 3 colour combination...


  1. It's exciting to see come to your store. The colors you choose harmonize well together, I like them. You could set up a lounge on the terrace, for the most demanding customers, with a little tea and pastries and ... cigarettes! Women smoked but secretly :-)
    I'm very curious but I'm sure the result will be better than any imagination...

  2. It's been worth the wait I think, the rooftop idea with external steps is very interesting and as you say there are quite a few options other than the terrace. Now you can start to stock up your shop!

  3. Looks very nice, and I am exited to see the final result!
    As for the terrace you could make it a part of the shop selling rusty and old garden furniture, statues and building parts salvaged from old estates :D
    Synnøve :)

  4. Hi Annie i love this shop i have the same one but havent really managed to do anything with it exept put peel off lettering on the windows i wanted to make it a teashop but im sort of zapped of ideas im interested to see what you do with yours, maybe it will help me i love your colours mine came ready painted but i bricked the front bit im eager to see what you will do with yours

  5. It looks nice, I like the colours that you've chosen :)

    I like the idea of a greenery/greenhouse+terrace or the loft room :)


  6. Hi Annie, very nice colours ;-) I love green! Very nice shop too. Is this shop custom made, that it took so long to be delivered ???? (Just kidding :-))
    Good luck with planning and furnishing your shop.

  7. I like the shop, the colours are great. Maybe a loft would be a good idea on the terrace. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with it.

  8. I love this kit it's fabulous! Where did you get it from and or it's brand?!

    I can't wait to see how you decorate it and fill it!

    Michelle xxx

  9. I love the shop! I have seen the neatest shops on some blogs lately. I can't seem to find anything like that in the US :-( Can't wait to see what you do!

  10. a very nice shop, you have a beautiful floor of elected, what beautiful colors. I am very curious to see the sequel
    a hug Ingrid

  11. It has exquisite taste, I like their colorful trabajos.El is fantastic.
    A carmen hug.

  12. It is a beautiful kit - as Michelle I would love to know where did you buy it? Please please! The colours you picked up are really nice! Hope to see more photos of this project! :)

  13. Ademas de que te ha quedado muy original, es una preciosidad!!!
    El suelo me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  14. En fin butikk ,likte godt farvene .
    Gleder meg til å se det ferdig !


  15. What a wonderful new project. The colors you chose, fits great.

    Regards, Roelie

  16. It's exciting planning a new project isn't it? I like Synovve's idea for the roof terrace and I'm looking forward to following this.

  17. Thanks to everyone of you for the comments and ideas for the terasse :0)

    The shop is actually one of the only models available in Denmark. Unfortunaely there is no brandname on the box. The company I bought from is the cheapest if prepainted white, but because of the service I won´t recommend to buy from them. You can mail me and I´ll send details for more sellers in Denmark.

  18. Hi Annie!
    As you know, I have the shop too, and you can get it in serveral versions, one painted white, one unpainted ect. But I also think, that you can get it in different versions according to floors in different countries. I seem to recall, that Norma once told me, that she has one with an upstair room. That made me on the trail of making a second floor (maybe with a mansard roof) on the house instead of a terrace..and thats what I am planning to do (in the future)..a little Frisioni-inspiration would be needed there ;-) Love to see, what you will do with the house!
    Love, Susanne

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