Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspiration photo and a silent sigh...

This photo is going to be on of my inspiration sources for the ladies salon in Obsidian Hall.
I have to keep my head busy these days. Tomorrow morning is the end of 14 nervewrecking days waiting to see whether I´m fired from my job or not. I´ll ask for my gods to give me strength and courage, and today I found two clovers with four leaves to bring me luck...*sigh* Hopefully that´ll help along with a glass of redwine...or two.


  1. Hi Annie! Always the same everywhere - I will know what's next about my job around September:( I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!Good luck!
    The photo is so beautiful!Can't wait to see how you will make ladies' salon.:)

  2. I'll be sending you good luck for your job!
    I love to come visit your blog, your project is looking great, I like the atmosphere you have created.

  3. Ewa... Thanks, I can use all the good luck can get. It´s damn hard to wait knowing that it might be you or some of your loved colleges. If I´m to be fired I´ll have lots of time to make the ladies salon ;0)

    Maia... Thanks a lot!

  4. The inspiration seems to me perfect and it really sucrase good use and how much to morning mood! sure to continue your work, the clover will give you luck and I also ask my God for you.
    A hug

  5. Annie, I am thinking of you and wanting all the best for you! Keeping my fingers crossed, and I wish you to think of your worth for the institution.
    Love, Susanne

  6. Thanks for luck and wishes Carmen :0) Not sure I can capture the light in my salon, as there are no windows, but the boheme feeling is what I´ll go for...

    Susanne... Thank you for being there. I´ll text you tomorrow or call, I might need a talk on the phone. I know my worth but I´m not sure the finansiel crisis does...

  7. What a wonderful Bohemian scene! A great place to drink those couple glasses of wine. I love the old painted floorboards, too. Good luck with your employment challenges - I've been there, it's tough.

  8. Great room, looks so relaxing.

    Crossing everything I can without actually falling over in the hope that you will get good news...

  9. Hope all goes well with your job, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Julia xx

  10. That room is really beautiful, you've already catched the athmosphere to your shop :)

    And I keep my fingers and toes crossed for you today :)

  11. Cannot say anything but Good Luck, I'll think of you. Rosanna

  12. I can't say more than the others, Good luck!
    Until you know there is still hope.
    The photo is great.

  13. A fabulous room for inspiration. Good luck with your job.