Sunday, May 23, 2010


A woman has needs. This is a small one of mine...

And with this, I hope to be able to catch the ambience in one corner of my shop...


  1. Oh, wow! Can't wait to see it remade by you!:)

  2. You're such a genius at remaking furniture to fit your aesthetic, I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

  3. If you get that sofa made in mini, you'll have to do me one also :D


  4. Ewa... I´m even thinking of a lounge instead of just one corner

    Susanne...I will!

    Nina...thanks :0) I have to look for the right fabric. Have to go to the secondhand shops in my area...

    Ira...The last picture is mini... just have to order it and redo the look.

  5. Yeah, I got it, but to do that look in miniature isn't easy or at least I never find thin enough fabrics :) That would be so fab also full black, do you think Poe would like to have one :D

  6. Wow wow wow! Certainly not ever flights down, you ...
    The environment that you inspires is FABULOUS and I'm sure you know squeezed that sofa like a lemon to bring out its best!
    Today I could not write more comments because of the headaches that tormented me but I've seen everything you have done: wonderful!
    There is a small, white dove that moved me. And your pincushions are so beautiful to look jewelry...
    You really know what are the needs of women!

  7. Anni that look would be fabulous to recreate it is so plush with the soft cushions and velvet throw, I'm sure you can do it. Perhaps you wouldn't need to re-upholster, perhaps just fade and age the fabric a little, and sand the wood or rub it with fine steel wool which is less damaging and makes more gradual changes so you can stop when it looks just right. It will make it lighter as though it has faded with age too. It is a gorgeous design.

  8. That inspiration photo is fantastic Annie. Whatever you do with the couch will be an improvement ;) Those photos on your previous post are wonderful too, I really want to come and shop at this store!!! Maybe you could have gift vouchers for your next giveaway ;)

    By the way, is that an etched mirror I see?? Sorry if you've already mentioned that in your post/comments - until I get my new glasses (hopefully tomorrow) I am SEVERELY rationed to just a few minutes blog reading/writing time.

  9. Hello Annie!

    I´ve got an award for you to pic up in my blog!


  10. Ira... A black setting for Mr Poe would be great.

    Flora... Thank you. Hope the headache is gone this morning. The little bird is one I took out of it´s cage and gave freedom...

    Margaret... I hope I don´t have to re-upholster. I might add some fadedness and colordifference to the fabric. And thanks a lot for the idea on using steel wool, never thought of that :0)

    Norma...Thank you :0) Had to look up etched to know which mirror you were talking about. And yes it is etched, it´s a piece I´ve got from Susanne. Take a look in her conservatory, she has he same in there...

  11. I am truly looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the sofa. I'm sure it will be as good as the photo that inspires you.