Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh my ...!!!

Today the mail-woman brought me so many fantastic treasures from Ira. Thanks a million Ira, I love love love love..... all these adorable things. They are perfectly chosen for my shop and I can´t wait to arrange it all in my Gypsy Boudoir.
I´m making something in return, but I´ll keep it secret until Ira recieves it ;0)


  1. Lucky you!! And sweet and gifted Ira! The things goes so nicely with yours. It´s going to be a fantastic shop.
    Love, Susanne

  2. Posties all over seem to have been very busy today with mini mail. What a lovely selection of bits you received. They'll all look so good in your shop.

  3. I am very happy for you Annie: Ira is a lovely person and has an excellent taste for beautiful things. And you ... the same! So, this exchange of gifts was born in a more spontaneous. Is really exciting share of your mutual joy

  4. Great that the package arrived and everything was in one piece :) And I'm happy that you liked them :) Now´go do some building work, I want to see the shop furnished :)


  5. Lucky you Annie! Great stuff!Hope to see them in the shop soon:)

  6. Lovely items, and they go so well with your style!!!!
    Synnøve :)

  7. Your new shop is beautiful, Annie! Now you have a great store for all those amazing items you have made and collected. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  8. Susanne...I feel so fortunate to get such beautiful gifts from Ira. She´s not just a funny woman, but also a very generous soul :0)

    Irene... Miniswapping makes the mailsystem busy :0)

    Flora... Thanks... It´s such ajoy to make connections around the world, and I really enjoy Ira being out there!

    Ira... Your keeping me busy woman! Now I have to hurry make the shop ready for putting all my gifts in. I´m making tiles right now, and bits and this´n that for 'someone' ;0)

    The Old Maid... Thank you :0) I´ll do my best to get ready for moving in.

    Synnøve... I´m so happy for the beautiful gift from Ira, I´m so lucky!

    Cynthia... Thanks to you too... The sun has finally arrived to Denmark, but I could almost wish for some rainy days, just to get time to mini-ing, instead of having to do the garden ;0)

  9. Hah, I've been busy in the garden as the weeds try to kill all my plants, but next week will be here cold and rainy so I get to do more minies - before you just wished for fab weather, now with the miniworld I'm happy if it rains so I don't need to do any gardening :D

  10. Ira...The only solution to that dilemma is to make miniature gardening ;0)

  11. Van a quedar preciosos en tu tienda, todos esos detalles.
    Me ha encantado el jabon.
    Ira es una gran artista.
    besitos ascension

  12. I have had a look at Iras blog and she is a very talented miniaturist. You have received some beautiful gifts.

  13. Ira strikes again, with her fabulous gifts!!
    They're beautiful!

  14. What superb presents, they are simply exquisite! Perfect! What talent and kindness. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  15. Heldige deg,de passer perfekt til deg :)
    Nydelig gave!


  16. Ira's not only talented at making miniatures but she's also so clever at chosing just the right gifts for everyone - as well as being so generous - and yes funny too! They're all going to look wonderful in your gypsy shop :)

  17. They are beautiful! Ira is so generous and so talented!


  18. What a wonderful package to receive Ira is so talented and generous.