Thursday, May 13, 2010

Talking about...

All this talking about shabby chic/bright interior versus dark and mysterios, made me think about how us minimakers do live IRL. Does your 1:1 home look like your dollhouse or do you live out fantasies decorating your minihome? Things you don´t have in real life, a style that maybe your husband don´t like.... Just wondering...

Also often wondered if a man can still be a MAN living in a pink shabby floral home without getting 'castrated'... Ever been thinking about that?


  1. I don't know about other people, but my home actually looks like little bit of my dollhouse. Very interesting to see your home anyway! :)

  2. Your home looks so nice, be aware, I'll come some day and steal your black cabinet!

    I have in my blog some pics from my home

    I would have wanted so much more black, but my hub wasn't happy about it, so it's quite light interior. I would loved to have the dining room all black, but no, white. At least the bedroom floor is black - didn't ask him, just painted it :)

    And about the shabby pink interior and men - I don't know, maybe the men who live in such houses don't give a shit how their home look like or they like the pink frilly stuff - but in my opinion it would be quite strange to have this über femine bedroom with a man. Hope that I don't insult anyone, just my opinions.

    And a funny thing is that gay men have these totally fab homes that I could just move in, no pink, frills or shabby romantic stuff ;)


  3. Me ha encantado tu casa, el contraste de los muebles en negro y blanco me encanta.
    El negro es mi color.

    besitos ascension

  4. Tiina... Then I would love a tour round your house. It must be dark, mysterios and witchy...

    Ira... Tha cabinet used to be creme, but I painted it dark grey a year ago. And actually I almost regretted it. The sofa recently got the black covers, they are beige beneeth.

    Thanks for the tour. Love your big black sofa and chairs. But I noticed a lot more white that I would have guessed ;0) We also painted the old floorplanks in the bedroom black. I love it besides the dust gets very visible ;0)

  5. Ascension... I also love the contrast. New/old, black/white... would love to see your home too :0)

  6. Hmmm ... good question!
    Well, I was lucky because in terms of furniture my husband and I are in agreement: we like the dark wood and simple lines. So we have a home of "cream and chocolate, with curtains, carpets, sofas, cushions and accessories in clear and natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk and all the dark furniture. Indeed, it seems a little house with a doll and the doll is me :-)
    Maybe, one day, when I feel like dust, I'll post some photos from ...
    P.S. I think there your home reflects your personality in full, it shines through your sensitivity to the beautiful and original and, why not? even a hint of feminine romance!
    Men marry us for this ;-)

  7. I think that the cabinet is just perfect with dark gray paint :)

    And yes, there's too much white here. I would have also liked a black kitchen, but that will be fized some day when my hub is away from home - I'll paint the cabinets black.

    In our bedroom the dust isn't that bad as we have almost always black roman blinds closed, no natural light there :D

  8. Flora... Thanks :0) your home sounds very italian and decadent.. Dust don´t show on the pics if you don´t go too close ;0) But dust is allowed, just shows inhabitants with other passions than cleaning. I used the to make my livingroom look like miniature.

    Ira... I have 10 liters of black paint, I´ll come by and help you. I´m sure we could have a lot of fun painting your kitchen cabinets without your husbands permission :0)

  9. What a beautifully stylish home you have!! :o) my guest/study/workroom is the only room I have that is vaguely shabby chic, the rest of my home I am constantly trying to improve as my hubbs is a fan of natural pine furniture & Im not! if I had my way I would paint ALL my wooden furniture!!!
    Strangely enough, in my dollshouses the furniture is all painted so I obviously do live my fantasy style through my dollshouse interiors :o)

  10. I don't comment often- but always read and this time I had to come out of lurking. My first dollhouse is totally a reflection of what I like in my own home- fall tones- oranges, greens, reds, golds. I love to see the homes of "shabby chic" people and I think it is beautiful- but I could never personally live with all those light colors around me. I need strong color and love to surround myself with colors that make me happy. I love this tour of your home- it is beautiful!!! So classy and elegant! Having said all of that- I have been thinking of doing a dollhouse in shabby chic just because it's not something I would do in my own home :)

  11. I like your home very much, Annie!
    My home is always changing, but I also have the pink colors, but not to much, I use also grey and can say that my home looks a bit like my dollhouse...and my husband loves it all ;-)) you can see more of it on my home blog

  12. I like your home Annie, it is a mix of you, and what I would expect of someone being danish....I read some danish interior magazines!!!!
    I had a laugh reading your wondering about men and those romantic shabby rose-filled bedrooms!!!
    I have wondered about that myself!!!
    My french house is a reflection of what I would like my home to be looking like if I had a chance to begin all over again... owning nothing!!
    My workroom is a reflektion of the house I once draw and was influenced of English cottage/Mulberry style....I might post some pictures of it one day! Now I am struggling with an old Norwegian house filled with a mix of old time elegancy and the influence of peple decorating in the 80 style and color sceme!!!!!

    Synnøve :)

  13. Definitely aiming at fantasy in my dollhouses!!
    We live modestly and nothing matches, but everything is loved. The sofas in particular are 'loved' (read 'shredded') by the cats - this is because we rent, and this saves the landlord's walls and carpet!
    My 'home' extends to the trees and sky outside, birds and creatures - the inside of the house is just our sheltered bit.

    Your home looks just as I would imagine, Annie - clean design and excellent light - and the white is needed to give the dark items their character. Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wendie... A lot pinefurniture can actually get a new life with paint. But decorating a home together is full of compromises... I know by experience. I could redecorate once a month if my husband would approve, but he wants to know where the sofa is placed when he get home tired after a long days work ;0)

    Kim...So glad you decided to leave a comment. I really admire people who can live with colors. I do have spots of colors like turquise, aubergine, bordeaux, but I prefer neutral colors and then I can easyly change the color by adding details.

    Michelle...Went to visit your home. I´t s very cosy and I felt like sitting in your garden for a while. Very nice and decorative :0)

    Synnøve... Thank you for the compliment. I don´t think my home is perfect enough for a magazine. It´s easy to take pictures and avoid all the unfinished details. Our house is originally an old train station from 1898 and it demands some respect in the way we restore. I love swedish/norveigen wooden houses, in my next life I would love to live in one such.

    Glenda... I guess there a diffence in the way you use and decorat your home, depending where on earth you live. Denmark is mainly wet and cold except from a few month a year. Wich makes it important to have a cosy home for all the time you have to spend indoor. I love outdoorliving and sometimes would wish I lived in a warmer and more dry climate. Our house interior is a combination of fleamarket and Ikea...

  15. I love the light and space of your house. Mine is small and gets little sun :o( It looks a bit like a doll house partly because of the size and somewhat for the colours and furnishing.But there are not flowery fabrics or frills: I do not love them much and I don't forget that I live with two men. Too many frills can be boring and suffucating.Have a nice evening Rosanna

  16. I like your use of light and dark colours and the polished floor. It doesn't look like you have just gone out and bought everything to match. I looove your dark armoire, I have one I bought and painted off-white but not as nice as yours. Also love your dolls house.
    Don't know how men like living in shabby chic with lots of flowers, I think most wouldn't even notice until someone pointed it out. They usually leave the decorating up the the woman anyway.