Sunday, May 16, 2010


Welcome to Marion, Toni, Daisy, Lunanoa, Peikko, Paky, Xisca, Mini-babies, Eloisa, Mercedes, Kreattiva, Flor, McKinley, Marie and Klara. Hope you´ll enjoy your stay here, and remember I love when you leave a comment...


  1. Gosh, I love the pictures you put on your blog when you welcome new followers:)

  2. Annie, have you ever tried to make boots like those worn by your cocotte?
    I find them fascinating and I want a pair for the Victorian house (leather or cloth) but around there are just bad copies, in plastic or resin or metal :-(

  3. Sure I'll leave a comment - I know the feeling, I like comments too ;-) Even if it was only to comment on your wallpaper (or background). Love it!!! Cheers

  4. The Old Maid... There are more from the same series to come later. I love the style too...

    Flora... I´ve never tried making shoes nor boots. But I love these and I would order immidiately if you could make some ;0)

    Marion... Thanks and cheers. Hope you´ll be back for more ;0)

  5. Hi,

    I read your post on about the Etsy-store - of course you open one! You could sell also your moms corsets there :) For example your handbags and the stone birdbaths and other gardening stuff are fab, I especially love the birdbaths :) So go for it!

    I sent your package today, it's coming priority small package, so it shouldn't be to long, hopefully :)