Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What the f......

What´s happening at Obsidian Hall? Are she going all shabby chic now?

Today the mailman brought new furnitures for my shop. I like them a lot, but the colour is way to bright and shiny. I gave the small table in front a brush of at least 50 years of age. Not sure it looking trashy enough for me. I may have to add a few more ages to it...

Now I´m just waiting for my shop to arrive....still!!!


  1. Love your photoes and your pillows from last post are absolutely wonderful. You have a unique talent for miniatures ... and picture taking. SMIL

  2. The shop furniture is really unusual and looks great.

  3. Looks like a lovely furniture gallery showroom!


  4. Hah, your definately going SO shabby! And reading a couple of times the Frisoni's book, you'll be shabbying everything only having creams, pinks, greens and blues. Forget the fab black, gray and brown, they're history for you - you're lost in the shabby world and there's no way back.

    So, you can now send all your not shabby stuff to me and start painting the walls of Obsidian Hall pink :D


  5. Gleder meg til å se din butikk.
    Det blir nok en meget hyggelig butikk !


  6. Hi,
    sorry for the mistake in my other comment.Sometime I have not too much time for me and my hobby (family-home-job) so I always run, also when I write, and in other language is easy make a mistake.I have smiled a lot when I have read you answer :-)
    My husband said: this woman could think that you are crazy!
    I don't understand french but I would like to buy the Lea book!
    I think that the forniture that you have bought is beautifull and will be ok with the wonderfull flowers that you made.

  7. Annie, I think you're shabby mysterious!!

  8. Yep, way too pale for you Annie ;)

    By the way, how come we're all trying to add years to our minis but trying to take them off our faces?? It's one of the ironies of life...

  9. !que cosas, más maravillosas, nos expones, me encantan.

  10. So much nice things, I really lika the shabby style! I´m looking forward to see your shop!


  11. Smiling all over my face. What a wonderful way to start a new day with all your funne comments. You are such a bunch of wonderful women, and I love the fact that we live so apart and still connect in such a heartful way...If I wasn´t such a coldheartet dane, I might almost want to say 'I love you all'..

    Thanks to all of you for being out there and for your comments...

    Ira... Damn woman, looks like I´m Frisoni doomed forever. Do you wear black? Then I might as well send you most of my wardrobe together with the interior of Obsidian Hall.

    Sonya...Mahogany and monogamy or not, it´s all fine with me. Don´t tell your husband, but aren´t we all a bit crazy? We are grown ups playing with dollhouses ;0)

    Glenda...Love that word Shabby Mysterios. I´ll sure put some more mystery into Gypsy Boudoir now :0)

    Norma...I know I know I know, but I´m still dark inside ;0) Sure that´s one of the ironies in life. But contrasts makes everything more clear. Maybe we get to look younger sorrounded by shabby stuff and antiques?

  12. Vale la pena el trabajo de envejecer que te estan dando los muebles, te va a quedar una tienda preciosa!!!!
    Ademas, eres un artista en volver viejo lo nuevo en solo un rato, no tienen que pasar años para ser antiguedades cuando pasan por tus manos
    besitos ascension

  13. Yes, you can send your clothes also - my warderope is almost 100% black with small exceptions of gray and white :D

    Should I get you some nice frilly flowery dresses? They would look so nice with your pink shabby houses :D

    Now I'm going to be lazy - have done the stables and walked an hour in the woods with the dogs - a shower and a movie sounds really good right now, then maybe some minies if I don't lazy myself too much :D

  14. Ha ha ... Caught!
    Deep down, you're a romantic (I already knew) and how every girl dreams or you have dreamed of Prince Charming (in italian "principe azzurro" meens prince light blue...).
    Very beautiful new furniture, but after the process of premature aging, will certainly be better :-)

  15. First I wand to say, that you did a great makeover job with the sofa!
    You have a great taste and I know for sure you will age the furniture just fine...

    Can't wait to see the store all finished!


  16. I love the way you have arranged the items for the photograph. It's something I'll need to practise. Just when I was getting used to your "dark side" you go all pale and interesting on us!!