Thursday, May 27, 2010

What the pizzaman brought...

Actually it wasn´t the pizzaman, but the mailman that brought me these wonderful scrapbooking papers in a pizzabox. Thanks Ira for introducing me to Graphic 45... I´ve used scrapbooking paper as wallpaper before and love that it´s so easy to work with. I´ve chosen the dark grey for my Gypsy Boudoir Shop, though I was in doubt if I was to choose the striped instead. See ya... I´m of glueing!


  1. Never trust the pizzaman...Great paper! Where did you buy it?
    Love, Susanne

  2. You've gotten nice papers :) And what an exellent way to deliver them :D

    Now I'm just thinking that if it's ok that Poe will have the same wallpaper than Gypsy Boudoir... well, maybe he did some wallpaper shopping in your shop :D

  3. Susanne...I´ll send you the link through Facebook. But there are lots of danish scrapbooking webshops :0)

    Ira...I also thought it was such a great way to send the paper. A pizzabox fits exactly for scrappaper. I think every shopkeeper would be delighted having Mr Poe as a costumer ;0) And thanks again for revealing the secrets of Graphic 45...

  4. Great papers! Ahhh we still so faaaar away even with the paper for scrapbooking. And it is still Europe isn't it?;)
    I used some letter paper for my first and only dollhouse:)But there were no so beautiful patterns!

  5. Well, love the paper more than Pizza!

    Did your pavement dry up ok and didn't shrink to much? I also used airdrying clay for my pantry and it did shrink!
    Hope it will work out ok, for you!


  6. Great selection of papers :)

  7. but .... pizza where ????????????
    ah ah ah!!