Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday we had a local fleamarked in my village. I spend almost 40 dollars on a few things... Nothing related to mini though, but the cabinet is going to be used for mini-materials. I´ve cleaned it and put oil on the old stickers to remove them. Think I´m going to paint or stain it...

I don´t have any room for the sofa, so for now it´s storage in the garage. It cost me 16 dollars.
I also bought a few old lacepieces, a glassthing, some rusty keys and a handsculpted doll by a danish doll artist.


  1. It's unbelieveable that you got all that for $40! You are a shopping queen :)

  2. Wonderful shopping, I love the sofa!

  3. That cabinet is just the best thing! We don't have markets like that up here unfortunately.

  4. Lovely purchases, Annie. Would love the sofa in my house! And very funny, I bought keys too last week in Ebeltoft, some big old rusty ones.I think the doll might have been made by Magna? I don´t remember her last name, but I went to a dolls making class with her many years ago. She was from the Netherlands. I have a book with such dolls from that time "Puppen in beeld".
    Love, Susanne

  5. Dear Annie, let me tell you spent your money well! Me, my materials, I keep them scattered everywhere, unfortunately live in a small apartment and now we are in three, space is limited. So, I envy your lovely cabinet. The sofa is fantastic, sooner or later you will find a place; in any case nobody will have a garage chic most of yours!
    I love the old key, I have some too. And the doll has a beautiful dress.
    So, well done!
    Soon, F.
    P.S. Fortunately you can do for your business to the flea market: by me, just rubber slippers, trinkets "all things to 1 euro" and bad things!

  6. Treasure!! The doll has real character!

  7. That are some lovely finds!
    Especially love the cabinet.
    The rest is also very nice.