Monday, June 7, 2010

Geraniums and new furnitures...

Spending af few days off from mini-ing enjoying time with friends and family. Today I woke up to pouring rain and felt like doing some geraniums. The furnitures are for the Gypsy Boudoir Shop. I love both, so I won´t make any changes exept from changing the fabric on the tiny stool.


  1. Hello, welcome back
    Very beautiful new furniture (the stool, I do not mind either way) and geraniums are a wonder: did you use a kit or is all your work? Are of polymer clay? I'm a duffer with flowers :-(

  2. The geraniums look great, I'm dreading opening my kit, I'll go mad with all those small petals. And the furniture is really nice, can't wait to see them in the shop :)

    Is the lavender made from a kit? It looks so authentic :)

  3. The lavender is so pretty! I always liked this kind of the dressing table, it's shape is so nice:)And it looks so good with all the flowers:)

  4. Hej

    Det er nogle virklig flotte møbler og så fine nogle pelargonier.
    Har du et link til Gypsys boudoir shop, kunne godt tænke mig at se hvad spændende man kan finde der.

    Hilsen Tove

  5. Hi Annie
    Great flowers. I like the new shape of the geranium leaves. And great furniture too, its very "boudoir-ish"
    Love, Susanne

  6. Very good geranium's so real and the furniture I like it!

  7. Thank you Flora :0) The geraniums are made of paper and wire from scratch, punched, painted and glued.

    Ira...Just go ahead with your kit, making flowers are actually more easy than you would imagine. Neither lavender or geraniums are from a kit.

    Ewa...Thanks, I love the shape of the table too, very elegant.

    Tove... Tak skal du ha :0) The Gypsy Boudoir Shop er min miniatureshop, som du kan finde masser af billeder af her på bloggen. Jeg ved ikke om det er svar på din forspørgsel, eller om du tænker på, hvor jeg har købt møblerne?

    Sus... Thanks a lot. The petals are clover shaped, maybe you remember the punch I bought with three petal sizes? Think they are a bit to big for 1:12 scale, but what the heck ;0)

    Thank you Gonda :0)

  8. Los muebles son preciosos!!!
    Y los geranios en esas macetas envejecidas estan genial!!
    besitos ascension

  9. I love the lavander and the birdhhouse.
    I would like make some birdhouses for my american country home.I have only one that Ingrid has made for me.
    Yours are very beautifull!

  10. I especially like the little lavender - isn't it bad when you wish for a rainy day just to get on with the minis!

  11. Beautiful flowers. The furniture is great too.

  12. Annie, I recogniced the punch, and actually I think the size of the leaves are very good, it is often large on geraniums.
    Love, Susanne