Friday, June 11, 2010

More bags...

Found a small piece of smooth thin leather, that I got from Susanne almost 20 years ago and made the black bag of it. For the brown bag I´ve used leather from pig, it´s thin but more stiff. The bag with chain handle is the faux leather. It looks more shiny and plastic.
I´ve really love making these bags, they are so much fun. But I ran out of superglue and had to stop my project. Hope to be able to get more glue in the local supermarked today.
Have a nice friday everyone...


  1. Det er vel nok nogle fine tasker du der har lavet. Dem gad jeg godt have i mit dukkehus

  2. There's just no stopping you Annie! You'll have plenty of bags for Etsy very soon ;)

  3. Yeah! Norma you are right!:) Annie think of it please;) The bags are beautiful! And now because of you and Ira I will go hunting for some leather gloves ;)

  4. I love your leather and pleather (plastic leather) bags. I hope you can find some old vintage kid leather gloves they are great for minis and so much easier to work with than pig leather or pleather.

  5. Nice ones :) It seem that there's a bag mania around the blogland :D

  6. Annie dear, these creations are fantastic! You are like King Midas: everything you touch becomes gold... In my opinion you do well to open an Etsy shop and I already put on the waiting list :-)
    Finish the favorite glue is a tragedy, I understand ... I now found one that works and I am terrified that the supermarket is not the replenishment!
    Thanks for the comment on my balcony: unfortunately are teetotal, sigh!

  7. I am contaninated with the bag-thing too!! Annie, I went to Læderiet (the leather shop), and I wish you could be here right now. I bought a lucky bag with 10 snake skins and some other stuff, ready for bag making. I´ll send you some for your stash, like I promised.
    Then I got another idea, if I say good bag stuff on bikes, what do you say?? ;-0)
    Love, Susanne

  8. Your bags are beautiful. I wish to have one in 1:1 scale.
    Hugs and greetings from sunny Bavaria, Germany

  9. Wirklich sehr hübsch....

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  10. Okay, open a store, already! We're tantalized to the breaking point over here!

    Gorgeous work :)

  11. Tak Tove... Jeg tror såmænd også det ender med at jeg begynder at sælge.

    Norma... Guess I´m already working at it ;0)

    Ewa... Thanks, I´m thinking real hard now :0) Good luck with your hunt.

    miniannalee... Thanks for the word pleather, Love it! I´ll look for gloves tomorrow at the fleamarket.

    Ira... It´s sure infectious. Thanks for inspiring me :0)

    Flora... If you saw some of the crap I also make, you would take back those words. In fact I´ve never been compared to Midas before *lol* Glue??? Damn it! I forgot the supermarked, and now I went 4 km on bike in rainy weather. Have to scour every room in the house now for superglue...

    Thanks Susanne... Hope the contamination will give you a lot of fun. I would love some snake skin :0)... Good bag stuff on bike (god tasketing på cykel)??? I´m totally blank.

    Marion... Thanks a lot. I´m really envious at your sunny weather.

  12. Thank you Monika :0)

    Nina... Thanks to you too. I will, I will...soon :0)

  13. ..Then, if I say rubber bag (I know, you have a nice one)?

  14. Susanne... Ahhh... indeed! Unfortunately I need my bike tomorrow...

  15. Your bags are beautiful.:-)) :-))
    have a nice weekend

  16. Skjønne vesker ,skal du lage butikk ?

  17. Wow I love these bags!

    the lavender you made is fantastic too!