Tuesday, June 1, 2010


First of june, first summer month, sun is shining from a blue sky, birds are singing and the dreaded E-mail didn´t turn up in my mailbox... I´m relieved!
Thanks to all of you for your concern...


  1. Congratulations, I can imagine your relief!

  2. Its so good! And thanks for your SMS, it went to Karlo since he is having my phone while he is ill, and I use the mobile phone from my work. But he passed it on to me..

  3. Once again...thanks to all of you :0)

    Susanne... I forgot, or I didn´t have the ability to think straight. Guess I´ve had a mental melt down...

  4. I'm late in catching up with blogs, but wanted to tell you I am glad to hear this.

  5. Dear Annie, while I apologize for not having been able to encourage: Yesterday I could not connect to the Internet and did not know of your great concern! But I am happy to read that the dreaded mail did not arrive ...
    On the other hand, you win my give away somewhat daring: I do not know if it can take heart, but it helps!
    Send me your address :-)

  6. It's good to hear that all is well in your world - now you can concentrate on the important things, like minis!

  7. The news I'm glad!, See? the sun rises every day, one way or another always shines. Congratulations on keeping your job.
    A hug

  8. I am relieved for you. That is such a torture--the waiting for news one way or another. Love the salon inspiration photos!


  9. Thanks Kim, it´s never to late with a caring thought :0)

    Wow.. Flora. Is it really true? Have I won that beautiful giveaway? I never ever win anything, and then I get two prices in one day, I so happy!!!

    Irene... You are so right, the little things in life are the most important ;0)

    Thanks Carmen, you are so right, the sun always shines one way or another. My heart is so full of joy and love :0)

    Jody... Thank you, the torture is over for this time. The finansiel crisis strikes all over... I love the photo too and would love to start the room right away, even though I have so many project I should finish first...

  10. I was glad to read the good news.

  11. Fantastic news Annie!!! I am so happy for you!!!!
    I know how importent it is to have peace in your heart and soul.... keeping an income is truly important!!
    The ability to make minis are better when one feels calm and relaxed in every way:D
    The shop looks divine and so does the photo from last post too:))))
    Synnøve x

  12. Glad to hear you didn't get any mail. Now you just have to enjoy the summer and being able to get outside again.