Friday, August 20, 2010

H C Andersen...

I guess you all know Hans Christian Andersen, and heard or read some of his fairytales for children. What you might not know about this worldknown danish author is that he was a very peculiar man. He suffered from anxiety and hypocondria. His dairy notes indicates that he was bisexual and small crosses by the dates in the dairy is interpreted as marks for how many times he masturbated.
The photo on top shelve is the house in Odense where he was born. Pictures of the lady is his great love The swedish opera singer Jenny Lind, to whom he had a platonic relationship. In the drawer are some of the letters he wrote for Jenny. Some of his books in danish and of course his hat...


  1. Wonderful pictures, Annie. I love the books and the letters too. And what a lovely secretary.
    Love, Susanne

  2. ¡Perfecta documentación! El mueble está muy completo con tanto detalle de calidad. Se transmite su personalidad. Los cuadros y libros están muy bien impresos.
    Besos Clara.

  3. It's an interesting display and a lovely piece of furniture.

  4. Que cosa más interesante!! Lo de la masturbación me ha dejado a cuadros!! La decoración del muebles es divina y el sombrero de copa una pasada!! Me encanta!! Un besote!!

  5. Very nice, full of ideas, the post today.
    I did not know that Andersen had a personality so twisted but I'm not surprised: many writers and poets for children, are far from clear and serene.
    Carroll, for example, and the Italian De Amicis ...
    Apart from our literary disquisitions, the scene is so beautiful to do overshadow the idea of the crosses on the diary ...
    You are unique ;-)

  6. El mueble es una pieza increible.
    Todos los detalles son perfectos.
    Besitos, May

  7. Annie - it's always great to bring history to life with the miniatures! A fascinating story - many great artists, writers etc. led troubled lives. They say psychopathy often goes hand in hand with genius (referring of course to the anxiety and hypochondria). Hopefully he found happiness and comfort in supportive relationships.

  8. Pretty setting! And thanks for the interesting story:)

  9. When I was a child I loved his storys,even now and Your little scene is great.

  10. What an interesting item Annie. It looks lovely already!!


  11. definitely a weird personality but I loved his stories as a child and i still do. Your setting is wonderful and so detailled, love it. Rosanna