Monday, September 6, 2010

Followers and a follow up...

Ohhh wow....The number of new followers and participants of my giveaway are growing fast. I´m so pleased that I still get new followers and I want to welcome you all to Obsidian Hall. Hope you´ll enjoy your stay and probably find something to inspire you.

And thanks to all of your kind wishes for my father in law. He has regained consiousness and are getting a tiny bit better day by day. It´s still like keeping balance on a thin line, but the doctors are doing a great job.

I found some pretty crochet laces in a second hand store the other day. On the table is a gift from Susanne. The golden cutlery in basket and napkins with beautiful napkin rings. The lovely toscan tile to use on the table for hot things, are the same as she used for the tiled floor in her hall.


  1. your acquisitions are a precious, I love them... it's normal for your followers to grow so fast, your minis are beautiful and precious gifts of your giveaway, is very generous of you ... regards

  2. Oh Annie,
    I'm very happy that your father in low is a bit better!Very good new!
    Thanks for your Give away..your minis are precius!

  3. Beautiful gifts!
    Glad to hear your father in law is better:)
    See one more Follower to 250!:D

  4. They're lovely Annie :)

    And so nice to read good news about your father-in-law.

  5. Beautiful gifts from Susanne, they look so good on your napkins.
    I am glad to read that the news is good concerning your father in law.

  6. The lace is beautiful..what wonderful gifts you received. Glad to hear your FIL is on the mend.

  7. I am glad that you like the presents, Annie, and great laces.
    Love, Susanne

  8. ahh..nice gifts and laces!!!!
    I have scrolled down your posts during the summer;
    so much beauty!!!!


  9. Such pretty laces and what a lovely gifts. Good to hear your father in law is on the mend!

  10. Son unos encajes preciosos, y lucen mucho como manteleria mini. Muy bonitos los regalos de Susanne. Un beso.

  11. Me alegro que tu suegro vaya mejor.
    Muy buenas compras, son un buen complemento para los regalitos de Susane.
    Besitos, May

  12. ¡Estupendas compras! Ya veremos donde las colocas.
    Besos Clara

  13. Susanne is the Queen of crochet! Wonderful gift!