Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fragile but exquisite...

Today I recived a fragile package from UK. I´ve bought some really pretty porcelain items and glassware from Tumdee, but unfortunately a few things were broken when it arrived by my door. But beside that I´m more than thrilled by the quality of every piece I´ve bought. I even got a gift. A big glass jar filled with colorfull sweets.
I took the images in the old curiousity livingroom which I´m redoing, before I even finished it at the first time. I repainted the walls, and I´m really pleased with the result. Now I´m making panels to the walls. Fireplace and panels aren't finished being painted. I hope to be able to make it all look old and tattered.
I also recieved a package from Italy. The giveaway I won from Sonya. So delicate and pretty shabby things. Thank you so much Sonya! As soon as I opened the package I knew I'll have to make a shabby room with a blue-ish theme one day.


  1. Hi, Annie!
    Very funny, cause I got exactly the same things myself..though the green plates are a little more dusty green in my version, maybe it´s the screen.
    I am looking forward to se your room and the gift from Sonya.

  2. What a shame about the breakages Annie. I have many of their mini's and some like yours too. They are so reasonable too. They have a site on UK Ebay as well and they might be even cheaper! If you want the link I will get it for you.

    I always look at the things you do and create with lots of interest...I love the tarnished look and your mini's have that lived in and antique appearance. Wonderful! :o))

    Glad you're back to blogland! :o)

    Michelle xx

  3. As usual beautiful displays Annie! So sorry they didn't come complete!

  4. Love the pictures, that mail elephant needs to take more care in delivering!! LOL

    Love your blog!! Jenn

  5. Preciosa compra y regalo, es una lástima que llegasen algunas piezas rotas. Me gusta mucho la cerámica, y la verdad no conocía la página web de Tumdee. Muchas gracias! Un beso.

  6. damn Annie, is always a great regret to find broken objects in the package, they were not packed well, I'm very sorry!
    Colored bottles are a love!! feast for the eyes, congratulations!

  7. ¡Que penaque te hayan llegado rotas algunas piezas!
    Has hecho unas compras maravillosas y el regalo es precioso.
    Besitos, May

  8. It is a pitty indeed...but wow how beautiful are the minis you purchased!!! Have fun!

    The collor on the wall looks great..can not wait to see more of this room!


  9. Beautiful miniatures,sorry about the state of some the items.
    I am looking forward to seeing the gift from Sonya.

  10. What precious wonderful miniatures. I just have to check that site out!

  11. Thanks too all of you! I´m working on the room, and will post a few pics tomorrow.

    Susanne... Of course my friend, you have an exellent taste too ;0) My green plates are VERY green, not dusty at all.

    Michelle... Thanks. I´m glad your following :0) I´ll have to look at Ebay too, I coming back for more from Tumdee.

    Ewa... Thank you :0) It was only small pieces. The real treasures weren´t broken.

    Jenn... Thanks to you too. Guess there are a lot of elephants out there ;0)

    Caterina... The bottles are even more perfect IRL than I imagined!

  12. ¡Buenas compras! Ha sido una lástima que se hayan roto algunas :)
    Besos Clara