Sunday, September 12, 2010

Livingroom progressing...

The livingroom is slowly progressing. I still need a lot work done. I havn't yet decided on what to do with the flooring. There's a stairs in the room, and I'ts all black, but that's not how I want I to be. I just don't know which part I want black, grey, brown or...Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Difficult to think that it is in miniature. Great work!

  2. Beautifully tranquil.
    When can I move in?

  3. You are SO buisy today! Great work, I really like the style, every little thing compliments the others. (and what a living room wall picture, a very heart assed lady ;-0))
    Love, Susanne

  4. Thanks to all of you :0)

    Sorry Janice, but the house's allready booked.

    Susanne...who wouldn´t love to look at a lady like her, when enjoying a lovely dinner? The heartshaped lady is a picture from the czech artist Jan Saudek

  5. Living room looks great! Wonderful objects, especially I like chandelier.

  6. Lovely room, Annie!
    I'd go for a soft brown-grey - so the detail in the room isn't overpowered :)

  7. Saudek looks great on your wall!
    I like the effect of the accumulation of many interesting items in one place. The stack of books, decorating and mysterious objects on the mantelpiece and on the chests of drawers...

  8. Lovely miniatures you have in your livingroom.

  9. Thats a wonderful livingroom Annie. All things are so very very beautiful...


  10. Estás haciendo un salón precioso. Con tantos detalles, muy realista.
    No sé cómo es el resto del salón por lo que no te puedo sugerir colores. Lo que he visto está muy bien, tiene mucha armonía.
    Besos Clara

  11. Stunning photos - very realistic!

  12. Beutiful photos, Annie!
    I just love the painting!Its a bit different that You find in an ordinary dollhouse!
    Thanks for the tips about the link in the other post, I have already máde an order. There was a lot of nice glasses!
    The cabinet you saw in my blog is really nice and you can find them cheap at They send items really fast.


  13. Dear Annie, I miss a week and you do miracles!
    I have not decided if you are more skilled as miniaturist or as a photographer!
    In both cases, you are exceptional!
    I love the painting you choose for your living room, and the style, eccentric but sober.
    The stack of books is absolutely captivating, I really like the black sofa and touches of gold furnishings.
    Everything that you managed to invent the jewelry is awesome!
    Your purchases are, as usual, very successful (sin for broken things!).
    An affectionate hug: any color you decide to do the floor, it will be perfect!