Monday, October 25, 2010

Jean Darc Living...

A while ago I made some Jean Darc Living magazines. I just forgot to take some shots to show you all. Some of the magazines has paper pages and some don't. The 1:1 magazine is a copy of one of my the miniatures... or... hmm.... maybe it's the other way around ;0)
I have tried to make my pictures bigger, but guess it's not the right way I do it. Does any of you know how to post bigger pictures? I choose the biggest possible, but don't find it big enough... Instead I try to pull the corners. Very amateurlike I know :0)


  1. Your Jeanne D´Arc Miniature Magazines are beautiful!
    I guess the max. picture size depends on the margins in the sections of the page. You can pull it back and forth in blogger-designer/layout/ajust if the template you chose allows it.
    Love, Susanne

  2. Thanks Susanne... I found out how. I had already changes the layout to make the postmargins wider, but blogger only allows to post pictures in three sizes, and the biggest just wasn't big enough. Change of size has to be done in the HTML code ;0)

  3. Me encanta la luz de estas fotografias. Las revistas muy bien impresas.
    Yo tambien queria saber como subir más grandes las fotos. Ya sé algo mas.
    Besos Clara