Monday, November 1, 2010

Precious gift...

Look at all those treasures that Susanne has sent me. We have a swap-box-thing going on. We both collect thing for the other one in a box, and when it´s filled with tiny stuff we send it. Last week I recieved the Annie-box, and as always it was a treasure chest to open. So many pretty things. Thanks a million Susanne :0)

For those of you who don´t know, Susanne and I go looong way back. We have known each other since we were 10-11 years old. Our childdream was to find two brothers, marry them and live happily ever after, all four of us on a big fairytale castle...
I didn't happend quite like we dreamt of, but I still feel fortunate to have her friendship after all those years...


  1. I can well believe that you're happy, a true friend is a rare and precious treasure!
    In this sense, I was really sad disappointment, but since I discovered the blog, I learned that the distance is no longer an insurmountable limit...
    All fantastic, the gifts inside the box :-)

  2. It is indeed a treasure to have an 'old' friend who knows you so well for so long that you don't have to 'explain' anything, you and Susanne are both fortunate.

    And you are fortunate too with the contents of that box!!!!

  3. How wonderful after all the years to share a love of miniatures. Lovely gifts from Susanne.

  4. I understand your feelings of friendship so strong! I also have a friend who lives far from me, but for which I feel love as a sister and this is reciprocated by her. We've known for 40 years !!!!! and we want more affection! ...
    I'm happy for you ... you found a treasure in the box, and in your heart!

  5. It is wonderful to be able to share so much with a friend you have known for so long, who knows what you were like when you were young, who knows your family, your likes and dislikes... very special!
    Your gifts are wonderful too

  6. Dear Annie
    I am glad, that you like the gifts. I treasure our friendship very much too.
    I remember our childhood dream and that one of our men should be blond and the other should have dark hair ;-) And then you forgot one small detail: Some of the dream really was reality at least for a short while, when I actually married my husband who was the brother of your "boyfriend" at that time with whom you have a child. And that means I am an aunt to your child. So we are a little bit related. Don´t tell anyone that we planned it carefully ;-0)
    Love, Susanne

  7. Me he emocionado al leerte. Yo tambien valoro mucho la amistad. Felicidades por esos regalos, pero sobre todo por la amistad que os une.


  8. Wonderful friend!! - a beautiful idea to have an ongoing swap box of treasure :)

  9. The two of you are very blessed!


  10. This story warms my heart. Thank you both for sharing .