Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1:1 Gift and decorations...

Todays advent calender gift for Susanne is two small french living inspired items for home decorating. Hope you can use it... :0)

I was inspired to show you some of my 1:1 christmas or Jule-decorations. As some of you know I´m pagan and that´s the reason why I use the term Yule or Jul instead of Christmas. You won´t find any angels or santas in my home. My decorating style is simple, country and almost without any red...

My paper hearts are decorated with sunwheels and Thor´s hammer...

I have bell jars with cones or trims and laces. The tiny porcelain pixie is my mums work. I adore him and he´s around all year. He is a danish vætte, a kind of pixie that takes care of the property and people, but only if we treat him good.

The lanterns for tealights are made of jars, wire, bakingpaper and fern leaves....

I love a lot of candles to light up the corners of the house, and especially at this time of the year I think of them as a celebration of the sun to return.

A tradition in our home is the bear pixie choir. The books are some old lexicons and the complete collection is exactly 24 books. When my children were younger they loved to get up in the morning and move the choir one book each day, to visualize how many days left for christmas.

I have some old cones that I found in a basket in the shed when we moved in. I like to think that they have been used to decorate for christmas many years ago. Our house is an old train station from 1898. The clog in front was found on the attic. We like to believe that it´s and old clog from a pixie that arrived with the first train long time ago and now live here. Hope he´s got new clogs and of course two of them...

I like to use olive branches to decorate, simple and cute....

A couple of pixies in a cabinet... They look like they´ve been playing some pranks :0)


  1. This station is the most fascinating I've ever seen (but after the Musèe d'Orsay, of course) ..
    I really like the style of your decorations, but I'm sure it does not surprise you :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. I had no idea you lived in an old station. How quaint! I just love your decorating style. You have the magic touch!

  3. What a warm and cosy, friendly atmosphere! I love it!

    And I love your mum´s pixie :-)

  4. I love the cosyness of your house, Annie, but I think you already know that ;-) And thank you so much for the calender gift!
    Love, Susanne

  5. That's a great blog! Really liked looking around! Keep up the good work, I'm defenitely coming back =)


  6. Congratulations on becoming a Blog of Note!


  7. i feel chocolates here, nice post dude ...

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