Saturday, February 19, 2011

It´s been quite a while...

I´t´s been quite a while since I´ve blogged on Obsidian Hall. Not for any particular reason other than I havn´t been able to find into that mini-ing mood. This winter in Denmark is loooong, cold and draining out every drop of energy. Last saturday I went to visit Susanne, we are attending our first miniature fair as exhibitors in the spring and we have a lot of planning to do. I was amazed by all the preparations she has been doing, and I have barely started :0( So today Í will boost my energy and mini-inspiration by making a few changes to my blog and start posting again.

I don´t have any new minies to show, except for these to lovelies that have moved in....
Ladies and gents.... Meet Shady and Posey...


  1. Welcome back!
    Shady and Posey are sweeties, you wouldn´t believe that they actually are r...
    Love, Susanne

  2. I have to ask, what are they Annie? I don't think they are hamsters or gerbils. They are very sweet though. ;o)

    Great to hear your okay!
    Michelle xx

  3. Welcome back Annie. Your wee friends are adorable ! Rosanna

  4. Thanks all of you :0)

    Susanne didn´t dare to mention the word ;0) But they are rats, teeny weeny tame rats with fine papers and they are my daughters. Not the same type of rats though that destroyed Susannes house...

  5. Welcome back!

    Shady and Posey are very cute. ;-)

  6. Welcome back Annie ! I'm so happy to read you again ;) and the little rats are so cute !

    Mini hugs,

  7. I think you completely immersed in peparazione tons of miniatures for the fair :-)
    Courage, the winter is over ... A few more weeks and then we come out of hibernation, and the inertia ...
    Your new friends appear to be soft and warm :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  8. How cute!

    Annie, just yesterday the package came back!
    A bit of the paper destroyed, the adress thing off, without comment, but back. Inside everything was ok.

    As my office account deletes the mails after a while and I cannot find the print - may you sent the adress once more?

    And I was terrified and thought you did not like him as I didn´t get a reaction, lol.

    Have a good weekend, Bea

  9. hello! Finally! I waited for your return, I began to be concerned about ... you ok?? the winter will end soon, and soon find energy and inspiration, the new colors that nature gives us, in the spring!
    O my God! are ....... "MICE "????????????
    I do not hate the idea of having them at home! they are very nice, but, forgive me ... BRRR!
    kisses, and welcome back!

  10. Thanks to all you nice mini-friend for welcoming me back...

    Bea... Ohh, I just thought you have been busy and were awaiting me to reveal some flowershop stuff. I will write you an e-mail :0) But no concerns about me loving him!

    Flora...I cannot wait for the spring to arrive. I feel quite lost in winter melancholy, but today the sun has been shining... I feel hopefull :0) Hugs to you...

    Thank you Caterina... Your promises of spring arrival makes me smile :0) They are not mice... but RATS!!! ;0)

  11. Happy you're back, Annie! Seeing Susanne's minatures and preparation for the show I was wondering what were you doing lately.:)
    Love the sweet little rats! We had two too a few years ago. Rats are great pets:) May the grow up healthy:)

  12. Shady and Posie are so precious! Thankyou for showing them. They are such loving and intelligent pets. I have loved rats for more than 40 years since I took home from school the rat I was supposed to dissect in science class and refused to attend that day.

  13. oh! sorry for the misunderstanding!!!
    ... but what is the difference between mice and rats? I am afraid of them, the same! :))

  14. Welcome back, Annie. I've missed you. I can honestly say that if I walked into my house and saw of those roaming around that I would become paralyzed all over. Such is my fear of rodents. I don't think I would faint but I would run out of there as fast as my watery and shaky legs could carry me. It would be very bad for my heart. I don't even think that I would be able to scream. You are one brave girl!