Thursday, May 5, 2011

New purchases...

As most of you know Susanne and I went to our first fair as exhibitors last weekend. We had a fabolous weekend, met a lot of wonderful minifriends, got the chance to get responses from costumers and do a little shopping ourself. I didn´t buy a lot, but I got some really unique fine pieces. The most precious buy I did was these stunning bloodred italian stillettoes made by Patrizia Santi. The lovely antique mirrors are from Susanne. Take a look at her webshop Petit Brocante to see her wonderful mirrors, pictures and other items.

The beautiful glassware is from the german glasbläserei Peter Böhm. He had a working stand and I was amazed by the fragility and beauty of his work. As Susanne wrote he don´t have webpage, but I´ve got his E-mail and phonenumber if any of you are interested. Please e-mail me. The rusty lion is also one of Susannes creations and the roses a friendly gift from her.

I totally fell in love with this lingerie pieces, I had to buy them. The tiffany lamp is also from Susanne. I´m very fortunate to have this friendship with her ;0)

And even more of Susannes treaures. Remember to visit her webshop for more temptations....

... and more... french spikes, a lantern and a rusty tray...all from Susanne. And then I bought a batch of pots which is always handy to have in stock.

I´ll make another post with more lovely buys. hang on!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First miniature fair...

Susanne and I have had our debut as miniature exhibitors and we had a great fair at Farum CPH. It was great fun to meet bloggerfriends, costumers and a lot of fabulous exhibitors. Just a few of Susannes photos from our stand for now, but I´ll post more from the fair in a later post.

I have to attend my 1:1 life... be back later :0)