Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blogger trouble...

I have had a lot of troubles commenting on Blogger lately, and I know I´m not the only one. Yesterday I read somewhere, that downloading Google Chrome should fix the problems. Hope Google Chrome is the key to fixing my troubles.

Talking about keys... I have listed a set of keys on the webshop today :0)


  1. So cute ♥♥ Hope Google fix the problem very soon! :S

  2. I use Google Chrome. I think it's better, it is faster and 'lighter'.
    I loved the 'old keys'!

  3. I was having that problem also. I read to sign into your account, but don't check the "stay signed in" box. This has allowed me to comment now. I also wasn't able to edit my page. So after I singed in , I would go to my blog page. Sometimes I have to refresh the page to bring up the little tools so I can edit. Hope this helps you too!
    Love the keys and gloves! :-)

  4. I had the same problem so I downloaded firefox. I don't have trouble anymore!

  5. Hi ladies... thanks for the respons. I downloaded google chrome and seems to have fixed the problems with blogger, and as a benefit I think it´s much quicker.

  6. Beautiful, your creations are very work of arts!!!

  7. Annie,

    I've been using Google Chrome for a while now and I didn't have too many problems with Blogger a while back, but I am at the moment! :o( The other day whilst doing a post I had so many problems with adding photo's that I gave up and then I couldn't edit. :o( Seems okay at the moment.

    Michelle xx

  8. Hvor er de søde de små nøgler. Jeg er også vild med handskerne. De er fantastiske!

    Knus Eva