Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rise´n shine...

I have to show you this photo. Taken by my adult son Nickolaj this early morning. I mistakenly wrote that it wasn´t manipulated and is pure as the morning itself. I was correted, that was my mistake...sorry! Click on the pic to enlarge...twice :0)


  1. Absolutely magic, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks Norma. But I was wrong, it´s actually been manipulated. I hope he´ll publish the non-photoshopped original...

  3. fantástica, felicita a tu hijo

  4. Beautiful, I´ve allready joined Nickolajs blog, say hello to him from me..
    Love, Susanne

  5. Manipulated or not, it's still a beautiful, ageless scene of nature! You must be so proud of his photographic skills. I love your new header. It is brilliantly assembled, captivating, and dramatic!

  6. I am the daughter of a photographer who has started 70 years ago, and again in his later years, five years ago, took me in the darkroom to print black and white, into the digital age, nailed the exposure times , and everything else ...
    Now, seeing my husband to spend more time at the computer to manipulate photos, rather than behind the camera to shoot,
    I regret a little the capacity of the real photographer, to capture the moment in one click, and nothing more ...
    However, we must look ahead: the photo is beautiful, and deep down, we are not interested to know how ...
    BTW Your son has a charming name :-)

  7. It's a beautiful image whether the photographer was lucky enough to catch a moment that produced it entirely, or added his own magic to it - every time I put on makeup I'm glad that we humans have the capacity to sometimes improve on nature ;)

  8. Thank you all for the very nice words, and i have to defend her a bit here i only showed her the original and put the manipulated version on my page.
    thanks again for all your kindness.

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  10. fantastic photos, Annie! my compliments to your son!
    I saw the blog, and photos of Nickolaj, and I think he is a great artist!
    if I look carefully in the light, I see an angel ... is not it??
    I read your comment on the blog of Flora. I am curious to know what fetishes, you hide under the bed ... :))))
    kisses and good autumn to you!

  11. I just need to add that everytime I look at a photo of this sort, it's like time stands still for me and I just want to keep on looking and looking. There's a certain magic about such a photo. Perhaps because it brings peace.