Friday, September 16, 2011

Sewing items...

I have promised Reiko to show her my ribbon spools. The round spools I made a few days ago. The cards with ribbon was the type I searched for the other day. These I made a couple of years ago and I still haven´t found quite the right cards I´m looking for. But Martin that used to have the danish miniaturepage "mini1til12" is hopefully able to help me.


  1. I like the precision with which you create objects, faithful to the original and very careful attention to detail

  2. Looks so real, like it was real size! I love them :)

  3. Annie, regarding your problem with Blogger, I had been having so many problems that I was getting completely discouraged. My server was slow. I would get stuck on a blog and could not get the page to move. I could no longer click on another blog if I was on one. I could no longer go from one blog to another without signing off the blog I was presently on. I have Mozilla Firefox. I had to continually turn Firefox off and start it over again. Sometimes, I had to turn the whole computer off and turn it on again. But, it would only work for a little while and then would start acting up again.

    Last night, I had been obliged to turn it off for the 100th time that day, I think. But, this time when I turned it on, something called Cooloris Firefox (this is not the correct spelling for Cooloris)came on and downloaded itself automatically. I don't know how or why this happened. But since then, my computer works like a dream. You might look into this if Google Chrome stops working for you. I had Google Chrome but I had to get rid of it. It was doing something to my computer. Ok. Well, hope this helps you or anyone reading this. Something, my computer made a lot of static noise all the time. Now it's quiet.

  4. Annie, in the last sentence, I meant to say "something else". Now the sentence makes sense. LOL!

  5. fabulous attention to detail as always.

  6. Hi Annie. De er bare super flotte og ja sjovt at vi, i hver sin ende af landet, finder på at lave det samme. :-) De print du har brugt til dine ruller - er det nogle du selv har scannet ned eller fundet på nettet ? Jeg kan nemlig se at de er lidt mere spændende og vintage at kigge på end dem jeg har brugt. Tak for hjælpen

  7. That is so cute! How in the world did you get them so tiny! You are a wonder!