Monday, September 12, 2011


Bea commented on the tulips in glass in my last blog entry. Those tulips are actually real flowers picked in my garden yesterday. Maybe you also have the same miniature tulips growing in your garden.... The botanical name is Sedum Telephium. The flower can be dried hanging head down. An old danish saying is, that you have to pick 2 flowers on midsommer evening, one for you and one for your loved one. Hang them side by side under the ceiling. If they bend towards each other when dry you will get the man you love. Otherwise if they turn away from each other you won´t get your loved one.


  1. The moment you said they are real I recognized what they are *lol*

    they are looking great in the vase!

    And the story about the midsummer flowers is lovely...

  2. What a great idea!! And a great story. Thanks for sharing it.
    Hugs, Monique

  3. Har hatt disse plantene i en tidligere hage og vil ha de her også etter hvert.
    Visste ikke om historien om å henge opp to for å se hvordan det går med kjærligheten. Har du hatt mot til å gjøre det :) ?

  4. I should learn and look with 'miniature' eyes. Next time I see this sedum (it does grow almost everywhere I think) I will put some in a vase. Perhaps a good idea for my flower shop, ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dear Annie, I could never forget you, even if you to stay away from the blog three hundred years :-)
    I recognize your style, even without reading the post.
    I just yesterday returned from a holiday and two weeks embargo from the PC (sigh), so I'm happy to know that you're back in the mini mood.
    I really like all the news of your store (the basement is delicious) and these little flowers are moving...
    Mini hugs, my friend