Sunday, September 25, 2011


As you have probably noticed, I have changed my blogger layout. I found the background on Itkupelli. It´s called "Vanitas" and is a selfportrait painted by David Bailly. A little Vanitas Wiki here.

I do have a thing for the vanitas paintings and yesterday I thought I would make a go at creating a new header to go with the background. Unfortunately I had no rotten fruit nor bubbles in the air...


  1. I love this painting, a source of great philosophical musings, to me ...
    Sometimes I wonder what will remain of me ... Maybe (hopefully) at least one beautiful doll's house :-)
    As usual you managed to create the right atmosphere; for the bubbles, you do not despair: after we saw the used condoms, everything is possible ;-)
    Have a nice Sunday,

  2. The new header arrangement is wonderful, and acutally I prefer it to the painting.

  3. Flora...I just love your comments. Always reflective and with a great sense of humor :0) Condoms...ahh... Though they do not hang in the air as bubbles but...hmmm...*thinking hard*

    Norma...Thanks a lot! I really felt like gathering all my stuff and make more stil-life photos. I just need som rotten fruit and flowers in decay...

  4. I love paintings like this and your composition is looking really beautiful! Jeannette x

  5. The paintings are beautiful just as your table.