Sunday, September 11, 2011

What the f....!!!

What is happening? Two blogposts in one day? I just had to show you my autumn theme. The birds bath with water and dead leaves will be added to The Gypsy Boudoir Shop tomorrow. I will also add a garden set as the one on the shelf. I played around with making pumpkins this afternoon. I carved one
 and cut eyes and mouth... 


  1. So pretty! Happy about your second post in one day;D

  2. This little yard is so cute, I really like the atmosphere you are creating. Hard to imagine you are already in autumn, we have just welcomed spring :)

  3. And yes it is already autumn... I love this scene plus the leaves (I had my first leaves cleaning in my garden yesterday...) and the pumpkins are so cute... thanks claude

  4. Great! I love the detail of the leaf in the bucket.

  5. Hi Annie,

    I love the tulips in the glas!

    Your stuff is always so delightful!

    Warm regards, Bea

  6. What the beautiful photoes of the autumn! I like your scenes. Tulips are very good idea. Minihugs Kati