Sunday, October 16, 2011

Borgin & Burke progress...

The front of Borgin & Burkes is progressing. Door and window has been painted 1 layer of Eucalyptus green, crakle medium and then a dark green mix of Eucalyptus and black. I really love the crackles showing the paler green. After drying I´ll sand down some of the edges and then add a dirty wash.

All MDF surfaces has been prefixed with a water diluted wood glue. I had a go with mini plastering and making bricks. With Michelles advice on using an old stiff toothbrush to make brick strukture and a knitting pin I got a result that I´m quite satisfied with. Thanks Michelle for sharing a lot of details and tecniques, that will really help me along this project.

At this photo you can see the Eucalyptus color that I´ve used under the crackled dark green

I still havn´t decided what to do with the pavement. Maybe an old concrete surface with cracks... Hmm... any suggestions??


  1. Annie, this is fabulous!

    Your bricks are 'perfectly formed', did you measure them out looks like you did and I love them! With bigger projects this is almost impossible given that you can't lay them down and work on them too easily! lol You can't beat an old toothbrush in my humble opinion and it works the best too.

    Wonderful colour on the wood too. As for pavement, I love the idea of old concrete with cracks.:o)))

    Love it!
    Michelle xx

  2. Thanks Michelle :0) My son suggested to use a long ruler to mark the horisontal lines of the bricks. Then I used a knitting pin and eye messuring. The wood color is even better now that I have painted the plaster and bricks. Still some white showing but that will disappear when I use my dirty wash. As to the pavement...I think I´ll go with the concrete :0)


  3. I love it as it is becoming. The colors are wonderful ¡¡¡¡¡

  4. Really impressing, I just love it! I vote for the concrete pavement too..
    Hugs, Sus.