Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas preparations...

Gotta be in good time folks...

I am working on a new range of christmas collections for sale and the christmas tree kit from Vilia Miniature just arrived at the right time. It´s a very easy kit to make even though the instructions were in italian. It didn´t take me more than an hour before the tree was ready to be decorated. Here´s a few shots of some of my christmas decors. Take a look at my Etsy store for more detailed pictures.

And a big excuse for not replying on your comments on my last posts, hope you forgive me. I´ll make an effort in the future ;0)


  1. Very nice, Annie, those little angels are my favourites. I´m working on my christmas collection too. Today I bought some new colors of balls for my christmas tree ornaments. It will not only be a white christmas this year ;-)
    Love, Sus.

  2. Are you going pink Sus? ;0) Can´t wait to see what you are up to...

    Hugs Annie

  3. This Christmas will be beautiful!

  4. Annie, your little cones are exquisite! But then so is everything you make. Isn't it exciting that the Christmas season is getting closer and closer. I feel like a little kid. Pretty soon, I'll be watching all my Christmas movies!

  5. Thanks Eliana and Lucille :0)

    Lucille... Frightening closer that is. Havn´t started thinking of christmas presents yet.