Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A buy, books and boxes...

I made a buy from the States which I was so happy with. These furnitures I found on Etsy. They were cheap and I really love the color and the fact that they are dirtied by time was just a plus. Unfortunately the seller didn´t send as a gift, so I had to pay import costs and the price more than tripled. Still I love them. They are from Pitty Pat Miniatures Inc.

The box and books are fairly new things, I just haven´t had the time to show you. I will list them for sale at Gypsy Boudoir soon. Just have to take some better pictures af details and content. I have made a lot of books and boxes lately, but these small ones are my favorits, love the shabby colors.


  1. Annie, what a nice collection. The colors and details are great. You did a fantastic purchace too, I like the color and shape of the furniture, especially the sofa!
    Love, Susanne

  2. Lve your boxes and books, Annie! The furniture look very interesting:)

  3. The furniture is divine and the mini's too! Wonderful muted and aged colours.

    Unfortunately even if a parcel is marked as a 'gift' there is no guarantee it won't get caught at Customs and the like....especially if it has all the hallmarks of a seller, etc

    Michelle xx

  4. So nice furnitures you´ve bought! I alaso love the shabby letters and box.


  5. Wonderful new minis, shame about the post labelling.

  6. Customs are very straight these days, I have to go there even if there is a low (and true!) sum out there. Wonder how I shall get a bill if something is really a gift!

    The furnitures are fantastic, and I love the boxes, too.
    But the pine sculpture is really stunning! Is that one of your items?

    Hugs and kisses