Sunday, November 20, 2011

Facade makeover...

I almost couldn´t wait for the daylight to come, to get startet on the facade this morning. This is the result. I´m not sure whether to dirty up a bit more around the balcony and windows. The balcony railing has been rustet over night. I still need a lot of detailing to be finished like the roof windows, front door, some edges and tiny forgotten spots. Underneath you can see how the house looked before the makeover. Very shiny pale yellow and red roof... honestly I think my makeover is an improvement.


  1. fantástico cambio, te felicito

  2. Oooh thats very beautiful Annie. So much different.


  3. Wow, Annie, what a difference!

    And it looks great! I love the metal fences around the balconies, yes, if you like that you could do a little weathering at the edges...

    Think you threw it away as you planned, what a pity this would have been.

    oooohhhh, I would like to work on my rooms as well but there is christmas fair stuff to do before :-(

    Hugs, have a nice sunday!

  4. Hi Annie! Your house looks absolutely stunning!It looks like a real town house now.
    Love, Susanne

  5. Thanks to all of you :0)

    Bea... I´m so happy that I did decide to give the house a chance. Christmas fair preparations sounds fun but busy. Nice sunday to you too...

    Morning Susanne ;0) A townhouse suitable for Anaís...

  6. La casita está preciosa. Me encanta todas las cosas que tienes y haces.

  7. A really lovely house,the work was worth while!Jeannette

  8. What a great makeover!! The house looks stunning, absolutely beautiful!

  9. Wauw Annie!!!
    Your house looks absolutely gorgeous. What a difference with before. I love the colours.
    Hugs, Monique

  10. Oh! I LOVE it! The balconies are PERFECT! And the aged plaster is SO right for this building! I can't wait to see what else you will do!
    I am SO glad you are giving it a chance! It is BEAUTIFUL!

  11. What a difference: befor and after, you did a great job, Annie!Can't wait to see the next steps, it looks wonderful so far :)

  12. Love what you have done to this house!

  13. I think I have gotten to know your taste, Annie, after following you for two years and I can say with certainty that this new look is more you than what you had before. It's very striking. I love the balconies, they add so much character.

  14. I would agree - you've certainly given that little property a lot more character.

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