Sunday, November 13, 2011

Makeovers and redoings...

These last days I have been working on redoing and changing some stuff. I´ve been thinking a lot about selling my big house, I´ve been so tired of looking at it, and tired of the fact that I had så many room to decorate, that the house instead has been storage for a lot of furnitures. But then came Lea... entering the blogworld and she had me so inspired, that my house is now under a very serious renovation. l´ll show pictures of the house during the coming week.
Today Í will show you a makeover of a chair that I bought from Vilia Miniature. I love the basics of this chair but think it didn´t suit my preferences This is before and after....


  1. Annie, I hope the one you made-over is on the left, right? Because this is the one I love!;D
    Great make-over! Isn't it fun to change something already good into it's better version;D

  2. Hi Annie. It surely looks good. Nice work.


  3. Superb work!
    I can't wait to see what sort of changes you're going to ake in your house.

  4. Dear Annie
    As usual we are in parallel processes. As you know, I am redoing my house too, and finally going to use all the rooms. And also thanks to Léa. I will post some pictures soon. Your chair is so fine, I think mine will be very alike, except for the seat which I have a special plan for ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  5. What for a pretty armchair ! I love the cane back, looks so real !

  6. The chair makeover is lovely, I think Lea might be inspiring quite a few makeover projects, both large and small.

    I must go and look at the Vilia Miniature website, the basic chair has a really nice shape and good detail so it transforms well into something much more lovely.

  7. Very funny I'm since a few weeks also started the renovation. My main house was a disaster. It dates from 2008, my early days of miniatures. My taste has changed completely now. I wish you every success

    groetjes Ingrid

  8. Ewa. Sorry to say, but you´re wrong...not! ;0) And thank you. It´s fun how one get the eyes tuned in on possibilities in basic furnitures.

    Tak Lene :0)

    Genevieve. Thanks... I´ll try to make some shots one of these days. These northern days are short and foggy at the moment.

    Susanne. Chairs, boxes and houses...a lot of parallel working. Either we are actually twins or we just spend to much time on Facebook chat ;0)

    Choupravil. The "caned" back is fabric for making tapestries :0)

    Norma... Thank you, and for your assistence on finding the right fabric for the chairs. I went to the local second hand store and bought a big piece for less than 1,5 Euro.

    Ingrid. Time and taste changes :0) and methodes increase and skills improves. Will look forward to see your changes :0)

  9. Annie, I'm just so thrilled that you have decided to finish your house. I so often thought of that house and always wondered if you would ever finish it. I thought the same about Susanne's house. And, now, I have my answer and I'm so happy because I will get to see the process and the finished product. Thanks to Lea, I have also decided to get cracking with my house!

  10. I love the makeover of this chair and I am looking forward to the other changes you will make!

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  12. They are both very nice, but I love the look of the one on the left of the pic. =) I'm excited to see the remodeling of your house.