Saturday, November 5, 2011

More christmas...

As a shop owner I have to prepare christmas sales in good time. Normally I don´t prepare any christmas decoration or get in the christmas mood before 1. of dec. But it´s seem like this christmas mini making makes my christmas spirit awake earlier than usual.

As mentioned earlier on this blog I am a pagan and not celebrating christmas with angels, stars and christian hymns. My "christmas" is a northernYule with goats and pigs cones, wreaths and sun wheels. I do add some ornaments and gold and silver touches around the house but mostly I use candles and the gifts that nature provides.

My christmas miniatures are more of the traditionel kind with angels and stars. I have listed some new boxes on my Etsy shop.


  1. Annie, I think you could show your Christmas ornaments to us or make them in miniature, they sound so interesting!:)

  2. Very pretty Annie. And yes, I'd like to see your 'non-traditional' Christmas decorations too please.