Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Calendergift and evening photos...

Todays calender gift for Susanne has nothing to do with miniatures. It´s 2 different sizes of vintage christmas angels I found, I would guess they are more than 50 years old.
Susanne, I know you collect old christmas stuff and hope you will take very good care of these cute angels. They´ll do better in your collection than in a pagan house ;0)


  1. Wauw, Thanks Annie!! I love these little angels..and we had some when I was a child, the old christmas stuff dissapeared when my mother died. I adore the way the faces are accentuated..and yes I love old christmas stuff.
    Your pictures of the house are beautiful too!
    Hugs, Susanne

  2. Love the photos through the windows!

  3. Beautiful angels! I love the different views through the windows.

  4. The angels are lovely and I enjoyed the little peek through your windows.

  5. Beautiful! It seems if I look through the window in a real home! Gr. Nancy