Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decisions has to be made....

As a lot of you probably already know, I have opened a new webshop in the name of GypsyBoudoirMiniatures. I have also opened a physical shop here at our old train station. The World probably smallest miniature shop....

Maintaining lots of websites and the shop besides working my paid job, I have decided to make blog life a bit more simple. That why I have decided to put this blog to sleep (in fact it almost was anyway) but.... I would love all of my followers to follow me to my other blog at gypsyboudoir.com.

AND..... the best way to lure you folks to follow, might be to make a GIVEAWAY!!!!

How to participate?

Go to gypsyboudoir.com, become a follower if you´r not already....and make a comment on this post!
Then you will get the opportunity to win a secret giveaway.

Monday, July 22, 2013

What´s been cooking....???

Though summer is soothing hot and wonderful, and it´s vacation time. I haven´t spend all summer days drifting on... or cooking in the heat. No I have acctually been working a lot indoor an on my PC... Not all by myself, My husband is the one with webpage skills, my web-hero he is. What we have been cooking on together is this: www.gypsyboudoirminiatures.com

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Busy busy busy....

I haven´t neen too good at blogging for a while. The thing is, as you probably have noticed, that I have opened a small combinede shop and showroom in a trailer in our garden. I have been working hard on preparing for the opening last saturday. I have done some new stuff and listed them at Etsy. Pop over and have a look here....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

An old trailer, a showroom and a website....

What´s going on on that old train station of ours????

We have been quite busy here.... and I admit that making miniatures haven´t been what I have spend most of my time at these past days.

My husband and I are preparing for the opening of GypsyBoudoirMiniatures showroom. Sounds great and it sure is....  but in a small modest scale. Though 1:1 but still a small and timeworned trailer that we are renovating to be my new miniature showroom. I will open for costumers and miniature interested on the 4th of May.

Besides renovating the trailer and doing our daily paid jobs, we are working on our miniature website "WeLoveMiniatures". For those of you who still haven´t joined, please visit www.weloveminiatures.com and sign up for our updates. First news letter is soon to come!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A winner....YEAHHH... and a website release.....

I´ve had quite a busy miniature day. This last easter holiday has been used exclusively on miniature thinking and doing. I´ve been working on some different projects. I had some orders to finish and pack for shipping tomorrow when the postoffice opens again. Then I had some photos to take and some new items to list at Etsy. Then there were a tutorial to finish and a small article to edit.... More about that later.

AND THEN.....there is a giveaway winner to announce....
I had a moment of thinking on how to do the draw. Then I decided on the easy way. I asked my husband to mention a number between 1 and 76 and he chose 52.

52 that is..... Ta daaaa....... (drum roll)........ Indy Poppy!!!

Congratulation to you... Please Email me your address, and I will send the giveaway as fast as possible.

AND NOW....... a new website to release.... and why I have been quite busy all day.
My husband and I have launched a new miniature website today....
1th of April 2013.
We hope to get a lot of readers and miniaturists as time comes. Please pay a visit to:


Soon I will announce....


I will make the draw and announce the winner in a few hours.... Meanwhile you can have a look at this new item in my Etsyshop...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bell jar and vase....

I just LOOOOOVE bell jars and I have a few pieces in scale 1:1. I often use them to display some of my miniatures. Now I have made miniature bell jars. Pop over to Gypsy Boudoir or visit my Etsy shop to get a closer look...

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nothing new....

Just some old pictures from the flower shop put together in a new way....

Monday, March 18, 2013


It´s time for a giveaway folks!!!

I´´m really fed up with the danish spring (that appears to be a prolonged winther). Today we are awaiting 2 snowstorms hitting the region I live in. Hoped it would happend before I had to head for  work....(and closed all roads)....but no! So I need something to chear me up, and what´s better than making a giveaway for all my wonderful mini friends and followers.

All you have to do is to be a follower of  Obsidian Hall (you do that in the sidebar under Followers)....and then leave a comment on this blogpost. Should you feel like putting the giveaway up at your blog I would aprreciate, but no pressure.

I´ll make the draw on april the 1th. Hope spring has arrived at that time :0)

Have a great day out there....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lilacs in weathered can...

I´ve dreamt of making lilacs all night, and first thing (after having my morning coffee) was to have a go with the ideas on how to. I´m really satisfied with the colors which goes wonderful with the grey brick walls in the secret garden. I have made one for my secret garden and one is put up for sale. Take a look at my Etsyshop....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring cleaning...

Although the weather here in Denmark is damn cold and snowy, I decided to do a little spring cleaning in La Brocanteuse. And I´m now filling the shop with lots of stuff.... still lots to go in before spring sale can start.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clematis tutorial #2

Finally I managed to find some sparetime for making the next part of the tutorial as promised.

At first I painted a white cotton thread with green acryl paint and let it dry. This is for stalks glued on most of the leaves.

I used the punch above for leaves. I think its called "Ash leave puncher". I used a dark green paper, same weight as photo copypaper. Since the color was a bit boring I painted with a diluted green acrylic paint. If you use white paper, you´ll have to paint each leave seperately to avoid white edges. That´s  why I chose a green paper, then I can paint the hole sheet before punching.

And now for shaping the leaves. A very important part of how the finished plant will turn out. I use the back side of my scalpel knife to "draw" a line along with the leave. I cut some leaves og and made different looking leaves. Remember also to turn half of the leaves around to get variation.

After shaping with the scalpel I use my fingers to pinch the leaves in a more natural shape. Here you can see some glued onto the painted thread and some I just glued to the brown base stalk without thread stalk. On the first picture you can see how I glue the leaves on the base stalk. Sorry it´s a bit dark, but I didn´t have a picture taking in daylight. When the leaves has dried glue the flowers on. Be careful to cover the stalk ends where they are glued to the base stalk.

I´ll take some pictures tomorrow in daylight and show you the finished clematis. For now this forst attempt on making clematis has all open flowers. I would like to make some half open and closed flowers to add. Just have to think of how to do... Any adwise?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clematis tutorial #1

Okay folks.... ready for some clematis tutoring?
I made like a freeform base out of paper covered flower wire. Starting from the base that goes into the soil. Twist and squeze the wire, try to make a natural "messy" structure. When satisfied with the shape, I painted with brown acrylic paint. I glued some of the branches to the conservatory. I always use a thick white woodglue. It´s cheap and easy to work with and it dries up clear.

And now to the two piece puncher introduction. Also called the Nellie Snellen Puncher. I bought mine at a danish scrapcrafter webstore. They are a bit expensive, but worth the money. This shape is also great for making poinsettia flowers. Beware that you order the mini size.

I cut the flowers from pale pink photocopy paper. When shaped I painted the middel carefully with a diluted aquapaint. You might also want to paint before shaping... your choise :-) At this photo you can see the shaper punch open.

And now for the stamen. I used a dusty yellow type of flower soft. I had thís for years and it´s the type to be used for train model landscaping.  You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.
Tutorial will be continued....
I may ask for your patience for a few days, since I have 3 official shows for this week in our local theater group. Wish me and the actors good luck :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Climping clematis in progress...

I´ve been working on making a garden for Mrs Havishams conservatory.
 First growth is a climping clemati.s

Due to my lack of patience, I just had to add a few flowers to get
the feeling of how the finished flower would look.

A closer look at the flowers. Sorry for bad quality of the pics.
 I took some quick shots with my IPhone instead of the Canon. 

The flowers is made with a 2 piece puncher.
First one cut the flowers, second shapes the petals.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A little bit....

..... of todays production.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Giving credit....


All this talk in miniature world about appreciating and giving credit to the work of other miniaturist for their work, made me want to show you what I have manage to collect since new year. I´ve been so lucky that I´ve had some greats buys and swaps from gifted miniaturists. I´ll show and tell what I have purchased for my miniature collection these past weeks.

This gorgious narcissus´ above are made by Marianne Cook who makes the most wonderful realistic looking flowers. Visit Marianne´s Etsy here

Another flower from another skilled artist. These tiny white and purple crocus is from Mette Laurendz. Mette is a danish miniaturist who makes lovely flowers, gardensign and other tiny wonders. Visit her Etsyshop here

Above is some small items from Hanneke Verheem. I just love Hannekes bottles. She makes the most detailed winebottles (I have quite a selection of wine) and now I´m the proud owner of an asperin bottle to cure headache after enjoying to much redwine, a cough medicine and some artist paint for a future room. Hanneke doesn´t have a webpage, but I´m trying to encorage her to make an Etsyshop. You can find Hanneke on facebook.

This wonderful danish pottery is made by Lisbeth Pedersen from Minipot. To visit her webpage, click here

From TheSweetBaker I had this finely crafted chocolat box. Julie Davis creates small delicious chocolate boxes, go visit her shop on Etsy.

And then to a dear dear miniature friend of mine Flora, who made two wonderful aubusson carpets and a set of 3 aubusson pillows for my French Mouse Mansion. Go check out Floras Etsyshop here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unetchical or....

I came to my knowledge that my miniatures were sold at another miniaturists stand at a fair. The person had published lots of pictures on Facebook showing her fair stand including my miniatures and I also reqognized other artist´s minis too. I don´t mind someone else selling my items, but I sure would like to know, that she buys for resale purposes and that she informs her costumers about the miniatures origin.

I posted this in a miniatures sales group on Facebook:
"A question of ethic caracter: How would you feel if a costumer of yours sold your products as her own. I'm not talking about getting inspired and making ones own variation of another artist products, but actually selling the item, as it was bought from you, either alone or put in a display with other miniatures? I don't want to discuss who and where. I would just love to get your etichal view on this".

This is her answer in public (translated with google):
Declare that I have never said that I make with my hands all that you see, I try to do the decorator in 1/12 scale, what can I create it, I buy it on any other site online, the "revisit" transform , decorum trying to create sets. That said it happened that two people, friends and members to each other, they saw on my desk the tiny details that I purchased from them and they thought that I buy and resell individual figures saying that I made them ..... Do you know what a satisfaction!! I explained to them that, of 500/800, I have no idea, individual pieces that made my "settings" there were 6 or 7 their objects, ornaments x understand, I bought revisited with my taste and then glued along with many other things on my form one of the "sets". I am not able to build all, working both wood and glass that iron etc etc and I have never ever sold a miniature of my other guise! They wrote that the world of miniatures is rumbling, is in an uproar over this (which world, who?? Their friends?) ... AZZZ Excuse me if I do a good laugh, with a clear conscience I can afford it!!

I don´t want to drag a "Facebook war" to this blog, but I would like to know your oppinion to the etchics in a case like this.

Friday, February 1, 2013

This and that....

I have to admit, that I have far from all the time I could wish for, for making miniatures. But I do get to find moments among other duties. And I have been working on different projects, a bit here and a bit there, and nothing quite finished to brag about. But I will show you one of my on going projects, which I started last summer. Mrs Havishams conservatory:

The idea is to make a dusty overgrown conservatory where time and life has 
stopped many years ago, when Mrs Havisham lost the man she loved. At the moment the colors and the room looks far to tidy and newly cleand, I´ll have to work on that dusty abandoned feeling. Or maybe time will work for me if I just wait long enough....


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Picnic baskets...

I had great fun today making picnic baskets using this tutorial. The one with the wine bottle in is for Demyan and Zéphyranthe, the others will be put up for sale on Etsy.