Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Giving credit....


All this talk in miniature world about appreciating and giving credit to the work of other miniaturist for their work, made me want to show you what I have manage to collect since new year. I´ve been so lucky that I´ve had some greats buys and swaps from gifted miniaturists. I´ll show and tell what I have purchased for my miniature collection these past weeks.

This gorgious narcissus´ above are made by Marianne Cook who makes the most wonderful realistic looking flowers. Visit Marianne´s Etsy here

Another flower from another skilled artist. These tiny white and purple crocus is from Mette Laurendz. Mette is a danish miniaturist who makes lovely flowers, gardensign and other tiny wonders. Visit her Etsyshop here

Above is some small items from Hanneke Verheem. I just love Hannekes bottles. She makes the most detailed winebottles (I have quite a selection of wine) and now I´m the proud owner of an asperin bottle to cure headache after enjoying to much redwine, a cough medicine and some artist paint for a future room. Hanneke doesn´t have a webpage, but I´m trying to encorage her to make an Etsyshop. You can find Hanneke on facebook.

This wonderful danish pottery is made by Lisbeth Pedersen from Minipot. To visit her webpage, click here

From TheSweetBaker I had this finely crafted chocolat box. Julie Davis creates small delicious chocolate boxes, go visit her shop on Etsy.

And then to a dear dear miniature friend of mine Flora, who made two wonderful aubusson carpets and a set of 3 aubusson pillows for my French Mouse Mansion. Go check out Floras Etsyshop here.


  1. You have collected some beautiful things. Love the flowers.


  2. When I see your beautiful collection, I began to wonder: does it all fit together? Like is there a norm of size for miniatures?

  3. Wat een prachtige miniaturen laat je ons zien. Zelf heb ik ook het Aspirineflesje en een wijnflesje van Hanneke. Ze zijn prachtig gemaakt.

    Groeten Xandra

  4. Thanks... :0)
    Hibi... My collection is all scale 1:12

  5. Delightful and inspirational! Thanks for posting these pictures. The flowers really make me long for Spring.


  6. A beautiful collection, Annie! Thank you for introducing these artisans. A few of them I was not aware of!

  7. Hi Annie, such precious and special miniatures. You must feel so rich owning these little treasures! Enjoy and thanks for sharing. Liduina

  8. Dear Annie, is always very useful to follow the purchases of friends, discover new things and stimulate new ideas.
    For some time I was in search of Hanneke, as her website is gone.
    Unfortunately, I do not use Facebook, so I hope she opens the etsy shop :-)
    Thank you for including my work also ;-)
    Mini lovely hugs

  9. What a lovely collection of bits. I love the chocolates and Flora's rugs and just the perfect finishing touch.